The Quantum Hermetica Part 8: The Mechanism of Magic

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Written by Mark Pattini 

Last time we looked at the physics behind the Hermetic principle of vibration. For those interested, that article is here.

Today we are looking at how that principle explains the mechanism behind “magical” or “paranormal” effects. For those interested, this can be explored in more detail in the sixth chapter of The Quantum Hermetica on Amazon, located here. 

Previously, we discovered that the vibrations being described by Hermeticism are actually referring to the probability waves of quantum mechanics. Additionally, these waves are found to be behind spacetime itself and not just matter. Literally, everything in physical reality is produced by these waves. Mathematically this has interesting consequences. 

Irregular waveforms produced by Fourier series of sine waves, such as the quantum probability waves that generate physical reality.

According to the Schrodinger equation, quantum probability waves are defined mathematically as sine waves. When you stack sine waves on top of each other, though, as is done with probability waves in quantum mechanics, you get what is called a Fourier series. It turns out that the Fourier series can be arranged to produce patterns that do not look much like sine waves. Those familiar with triangle and square waves know about this. 

This fact leads us to an important mathematical result related to the Fourier series called Dirichlet’s conditions that tells us that it is, in principle, possible to replicate any function describing any geometry through the superposition of sine waves. However, as was noted before, all of physical reality is already composed of sine waves. Meaning, in theory, any structure that can be imagined could be manifested in reality by rearranging quantum probability waves. This, of course, includes some outcomes that would appear to be “miraculous” or “paranormal.”

The Quantum Hermetica and The Kybalion state just that1:

The mechanism behind magickal or so-called supernatural powers is directly tied to the Principle of Vibration. This is to be expected as the physical state of a system both prior to and after a miraculous event will both include an associated wavefunction with a specific vibration to describe it. Thus a miraculous occurrence can quite literally be described as a shift from one set of these quantum vibrations to another. In fact, this is precisely how The Kybalion describes miracles:

“A little reflection on what we have said will show the student that the Principle of Vibration underlies the wonderful phenomena of the power manifested by the Masters and Adepts, who are able to apparently set aside the Laws of Nature, but who, in reality, are simply using one law against another; one principle against others; and who accomplish their results by changing the vibrations of material objects, or forms of energy, and thus perform what are commonly called ‘miracles.’”

Of course, merely manipulating waves to achieve results is not exactly what people think of as miraculous. After all, microwaves manipulate waves to cook food, and we have other technologies that use waves to achieve other physical results as well. However, we would hardly consider any of these things to be miraculous or magical. 

The YouTube documentary, The Physics of Miracles, uses the same physics behind Hermetic magic to explain how miracles are possible.

The difference here is in the nature of the waves being used. Probability waves are not merely mechanical waves, as described by classical physics. Rather they extend outside of spacetime, and thus classify as “supernatural” given the naïve but artificial distinction between “natural” and “supernatural” as material vs. immaterial. As The Quantum Hermetica goes on to say2: 

“The case of quantum vibrations is different though. Firstly, the physics they relate to has intrinsic connections to Hermetic occult science as explained in this book. Secondly, as explained in Chapter III, the quantum states in the wavefunction are not actually part of the physical world, that is the world inside of space and time. Entanglement reveals that these quantum states must exist outside of the virtual world we call physical space, lest they violate the speed of light limit imposed by special relativity.

“This realm outside of spacetime is what is commonly described as the supernatural world though. The nature of this realm was discussed in some detail in Chapters III and IV. Thus the manipulation of these vibrations, or what are projected as vibrations within spacetime, is in reality a manipulation of the quantum states existing within the deeper level of reality called “Hilbert space” in physics, and in common terminology “the supernatural realm.” If one is changing the state of affairs in the physical world through “supernatural” means though, this is commonly called a ‘miracle.’”

“The means by which change in vibrations cause this is simple enough to understand. Each wavefunction, or “vibration” as Hermeticism would call it, encodes a set of states superimposed in various ways as quantum information. This quantum information is of course the “program” from which the physical reality in spacetime is programmed. If one changes the underlying vibrations of these wavefunctions, the states contained within them superimpose on one another differently. This creates different qubits, with different probability distributions of their associated wavefunctions. Upon observation, these wavefunctions would spontaneously produce entirely different physical states than what they were previously though, due to the change in ‘programming’ underlying them.”

As pointed out, though they appear as waves once projected in physical spacetime, these quantum waves are also extended in the beneath spacetime realm of Hilbert space. We discovered that this was identical to the “inner space” of Hermeticism from which outer space emerges back in the second blog here.

This is the “supernatural” realm of both occultism and religion. Though, as can be seen here, it is quite explicable with science. When one changes the vibrations to produce miracles, what is really happening is that the underlying quantum information they represent is being reprogrammed to produce new physical states. So, in essence, manipulating these vibrations to produce miracles is a little less like cooking food with microwaves and a little more like reprogramming the Holodeck on Star Trek. One can see then why it is being described as the means to produce miracles.

Now is there any evidence that this can be done in reality and is not merely a theoretical idea? Is there experimental proof of this “Hermetic magick” and of the physics behind it? It turns out there is. Experiments demonstrate that conscious intent can indeed affect the frequency of the same quantum probability waves that program physical reality. 

Experiments done by Dean Radin of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, or IONS, had a group of meditators focus on the quantum waves in the double-slit experiment. When the experiment was done, this “miraculously” or “magically” changed the interference pattern3. The quantum programming behind physical reality was reprogrammed from the collective inner space through conscious intent. Meaning so-called Hermetic magick, was actually replicated in the laboratory, and the mechanism behind it confirmed!

Next up, we will be looking at another unique occult phenomenon related to vibration. After that, we will move on to the next Hermetic principle, the Principle of Polarity. Stay tuned!


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Written by Mark Pattini

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