Powerful Crystals That Work Well Together

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Do you love crystals too? If you’ve found yourself reading this article, then you can’t deny how much you love these beautiful gifts from nature. Or maybe you are still curious about them. 

Crystals are ordinary things with magical properties. While people seek out crystals for luck, crystals can help people in ways they cannot even imagine. When you need their help, like you need high vibration crystals to increase your happiness or find your focus, tap into their power, and bring in positive energy

Every crystal that you choose to use is aimed at helping you achieve what you want. Whether it is work, love, health, money, or relationships, the crystals can help you get what you wish. 

What Do You Get When You Double The Crystals?

You are in luck because two crystals combined only gives you more power. When it comes to putting together two crystals, you have to learn to be strategic. The most powerful crystals put together can bring you something that can help change your life for the better. 

But how do you put the crystals together? How do you make sure that you are making the right combination? The first thing to do is to read up. When you know what each crystal is good at, then you can decide to pair it up with another crystal whose intuitive power will only resonate and strengthen the other. 

Crystals can do amazing things all on their own. But the most powerful gemstone combinations can bring about the change you never thought possible. 

What Crystal Combinations Are Most Effective?

Angelite and rose quartz

These are the two individually amazing crystals, but when combined, they become even more. This is the right combination to use when you want to make something happen that concerns your romantic relationship.

Rose quartz is the crystal for love as it promotes both self-love and self-acceptance. It dissolves all negative energies to allow people in relationships to be more empathetic with each other and with themselves. 

Angelite is also known as the “angel” crystal. It has a gentle and soothing energy that brings out the beauty in people. When these two are put together, negativity will have a hard time getting to you or your relationship. 

Combining these two will bring in more understanding into the relationship and lessen the likelihood of experiencing anger. 

Moonstone and selenite

These two are both considered lunar crystals; that’s why they make an excellent pair. They harness both their energies from the moon that allows people who have it to find the balance in their personalities. 

Moonstone is what enables people to tap on their feminine side to counter the masculine energy that they have before them. Selenite, on the other hand, is the crystal that instills in people the sense of peace and mediation.

When these two are combined, it will help you tap into your intuition and allow you to view things with the utmost clarity. 

Citrine and smoky quartz

If you are dealing with something that concerns both your physical and mental health, then bringing these two together is the perfect combination.

Citrine is the crystal that encourages self-expression. It motivates you to release depression and other negative thoughts to allow you to achieve a balance in your emotions. Smoky quartz is a crystal known to help remove blockages, including those that affect the emotional, mental, and physical. 

When these two are combined, you can expect to see things with greater clarity, allowing you to set aside negative thoughts and emotions that could be causing an imbalance in your life. 

They also help you find inner peace, with a greater sense of hope and optimism. If you are having a bad day, it is best to wear both of these crystals together to bring about a change in perspective

Amethyst and fluorite

Amethyst is known to be the “Jack of all trades” when it comes to crystals. This means that it is easily combined with many other crystals. But when it is combined with fluorite, they can help increase your concentration and focus.

Whether it is a big presentation for work or a project that demands your focus, you can give your undivided attention to what you are doing when you are wearing both these crystals. You can get through the demands of the project and situation at hand because you have this magical combination with you. 

Amethyst is a protection stone that wards off the negativity, while fluorite is the crystal that helps build up self-confidence and intense concentration. Together, they put you in a protective bubble of protection that will allow focus without unnecessary interruptions. 

Celestite and lepidolite

If you are looking for a crystal combination that will help ease the stress, then this is the perfect pair to bring with you when you unwind.

Celestine is considered a high vibration stone that will help you manage those chaotic thoughts. If you have an overactive mind, then this stone will help you clear the mental clutter and pave the way for peace and silence.

On the other hand, Lepidolite is the crystal that fosters peace, no matter how troubling your thoughts or situation may be. Combining these two will definitely help you get the sleep you’ve always wanted.

What Is It Like To Experiment With Crystals?

There are more than a handful of crystal pairings out there, but these five are the top ones you can try. Play with your crystals, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new combinations. Who knows, you might just be able to find the perfect match that will bring about the change that you need in this lifetime. 

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