Practice Self-Love Using Tarot Cards

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How much do you love yourself? This is one of the questions that people often find too easy to answer. Some are too quick to say that they love themselves, but often fail to show how much. How do you show yourself that you have all the love for it? Do you have a self-love ritual that you follow?

Where Does Self-Love Begin?

Love, in all its forms, all begins in one's love for himself. 

When you know how to love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to wholeheartedly accept who you are and appreciate what you have become. You have this positive notion about life in general, and that happiness is a fundamental aspect of who you are.

You will feel good about yourself because you deserve it. When you are coming from this perspective of self-love, you are embracing self-acceptance and self-respect. In turn, you will live a life that is more fulfilling than it has ever been. 

From there, you also begin to build strong foundations of a loving relationship with others. 

What happens, then, if you don't love yourself as much? You might end up projecting that lack of love for others. You have that tendency to become too clingy or attached to someone, attracting negative energies into the relationship.

You also tend to blame others for how you feel. In worse situations, you end up in a destructive relationship with others that could leave you broken. 

What Does The Absence Of Self-Love Mean?

What does it mean to face the world without the right amount of self-love? 

For a woman, it could mean finding herself in an unhealthy relationship, and yet she will choose to stay. She will become too afraid to be alone and would rather be in an unhappy relationship with someone. 

In other instances, a woman who doesn't love herself as much tends to allow others to take advantage of her. She would be in a workplace where her strengths, skills, and talents are undervalued. And yet, she would not have the guts to resign, because she feels she won't be good enough for any other job. 

Lastly, for a woman who does not have enough love for herself, she tends to put other people's needs before hers. She will think that constantly choosing to love others is like loving herself in the process. But she, too, knows that this is not true. 

In the end, she will find herself exhausted, burnt out, and just tired of how she feels inside. 

How Do You Show Self-Love Through Tarot Cards?

If you want to show yourself some love, then follow this 6-card tarot ritual. It gives you the reaffirmation that you need to remind you of the many beautiful things about you. It is all that you need to learn and relearn to show yourself how deeply you love it. 

When all has been said and done, a person cannot lose themself to find someone who will save them. Instead, they need to seek the guidance of a superior power to help them find what is truly right for them.

Every day, find the strength to turn to the tarot cards. Ask them an essential question about self-love and self-worth. What do I love most about myself? Then, draw a card and give yourself at least ten minutes to write your thoughts in a journal. 

Write about what you love about yourself based on the card that you drew from the stack. Your first sentence should begin with, "I love that, I . . . "

If it puts you in an awkward position because it feels like you are bragging, do not fret. It is okay for you to brag about who you are and the best things about you. The tarot card reading is permitting you to brag about how awesome you are. 

How do you do this?

For example, you draw a card, and you get the Ace of Wands. Your journal entry could be all about how great you are at finding inspiration in everything around you. You write about how filled you are of passion and inspiration to create something beautiful out of nothing. You also love the fact that you have that special eye to see the good in others and to share with them the many ways they could improve themselves. 

You will feel good about what you wrote. This is the kind of affirmation practice you need to improve the kind of life that you have. After all, the cards will remind you that you only attract what you are and not what you want. 

The self-love ritual using the tarot cards will make you see the potential that you have inside you. It is all about uplifting your spirits, allowing you to grow as an individual with that unique ability to love.

In the process, you are also opening the doors for others to show you how much love they have to offer. They will give you infinite reasons to celebrate your life and what you have made of it. 

How Will Tarot Cards Shape You?

Every tarot card reading gives you a different experience. Every time you draw a card, you bring a unique kind of experience that only you and your emotions could bring about. 

As experts would suggest, always express your intent for the session before you begin. This will direct all the energies of the card and the tarot card reader into giving you what you need to know. 

Card reading can help you direct your thoughts and emotions to the things that matter to you. Every card you draw can be interpreted in so many different ways. But if you allow it to put meaning into what you do, then it could give you an idea of what can become of your actions. 

At the end of the day, the tarot cards can only help you as much. In order to show self-love, you must learn to love yourself in ways you want to be loved. 

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