Ready, Set, Pet

Do you know how to pet a dog properly? While every pet owner or dog lover would say that there is no special secret, there’s a lot about the pet game that people just don’t know. They think they know everything, but there’s always a lot they can learn. 

The way you pet the dog can make you his most favorite person in the world. Or your habits could make you the person he just tries to avoid. There are certain tactics on how to do it right. And then certain red-flags could get the dog running in the opposite direction. 

Whether you are petting your dog or trying to pet another person’s pet for the first time, there is always something better you can do to pet them well. 

Every petting style is different, but there are those that you should just avoid. 

Can Your Pet Dog Fear You?

While your greatest fear might be to lose your dog, wrong petting could make you your dog’s greatest fear, making them want to run away. To counteract this, the dog microchip lookup is one of the best ways you can protect your dog from getting lost. This allows them to freely wander around to discover a lot of things, but it still allows you to access where they are. 

You may be asking, “Can my pet fear me?” “How do I pet and care for them properly, so they don’t want to run away?” Pets for you are a part of your family. They are the security blanket that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, no matter the situation. 

But do your dogs feel the same way? The thing dogs do not like it when their humans do not know what to do. This is when they feel the need to simply withdraw and shy away from every human interaction that they have. 

As the pet owner, you can do a lot of things to avoid this. All you need is to want to try to prevent it. The desire is what will make you successful at petting your dog. 

How Do You Pet Your Dog?

There are countless ways on how you can show your dog your great love for them. Let these tips help you make your dog see how you truly feel. 

Tip 1: Always start with the right greeting

You have to know the first rule about petting a dog. Never pet one that does not initiate it. This rule is particularly important for young children. This means that you cannot approach a dog who is not in the mood to be pet. If it’s lying down at the corner of the room, sleeping, or trying to walk away from you, then do not initiate petting it. 

These pets have their ways of telling you they do not want to be touched at all. You just have to learn to respect that. No matter how much you would like to pet the dog, if it does not show any sign that it is interested in making contact, keep yourself from petting them. Simply, let them be. 

Tip 2: Go down to their level

If you want to pet a dog, you must initiate contact by not being the first to make a move. This can be quite confusing to learn initially, but you’ll get the hang of it. One of the things you can do is to squat down so you can be at their level. 

When you are closer to their level, they might think about getting up from where they are and initiating contact. Instead of reaching out and touching them first, the dog will try to approach you to check on the kind of person that you are. 

Whether you believe it or not, dogs can tell if a person is good or bad, depending on your intent in building a relationship with them. Dogs can sniff out those with bad intentions. They react violently towards these people too. 

Tip 3: Turn to the side and make yourself less threatening

Some dogs smell fear. Other pets are just reserved. This means that they are not very open to welcoming new people in their lives. Some dogs are fearful too. If you notice the dogs looking a bit fearful if not reserved, turn to your side. 

Doing this will make you appear less threatening to them. They might just slowly crawl towards you. The best way to pet a dog like this is to show them your sincerity in wanting to have a relationship with them. 

Making yourself look less threatening means making yourself look more endearing. This way, the dog will find it in himself the courage to let go of his fears only to be pet by you. 

Tip 4: Go ahead and invite

While some dogs can feel threatened with your presence, some dogs are confident. The best way to deal with dogs like this is to invite him to approach you. What you can do is to bend over your body and pat your legs slightly. 

This will signal the dog that you are interested in petting him. While you do this, you can take small steps backward and try to coax the dog. Your voice will indicate that you are there to play with him

Tip 5: Always avoid hovering

The proper way to greet a dog is the way you want to be greeted. Do not be overwhelming. Avoid hovering at all times, as this may be perceived as a threat. What you can do instead is to turn your body to the side. Try to avoid eye contact in the beginning. Some dogs feel threatened because of direct eye contact.

Instead, allow the dog to approach you first. When dealing with a shy dog, pretend to ignore him at first. Look away if you can. The dog can tell from your first few moments if you are a safe person to approach or not. 

Is It Safe To Pet Dogs?

Every dog is different. Most of them liked to be pet. Others may feel like it’s a threat initially, but they all love to feel loved. With these tips, you can surely turn any dog into a pet you will love.


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