Why Play Matters

articles lifestyle Apr 04, 2020

When was the last time you engaged in a play or something really fun? It’s easy to think that play is only for kids. Adults have "more important things" at hand that are more pressing, right? Chances are it's been a while since the last time you really did something strictly for play.

Most parents would say that they engage their children in play and learn activities because they know how vital it is for children to have fun. In fact, childhood games revolve a lot on something educational and fun at the same time. But can imaginative play be good for adults, too? Will it benefit older people to indulge themselves in games?

Just because you are above thirty or are already in your late fifties, you can still reap the benefits of engaging in activities that are not about work, or any responsibility for that matter. In fact, when you learn to give in to the idea of playing a game (not WINNING a game), the more that it will benefit your family life, your job, and your mood in general. 

Adult Play: What Makes It Important?

Modern life has indeed provided people with a lot of opportunities to improve themselves. At the same time, it has required people to be more focused on the family to strike a good balance with work commitments. But when was the last time most people actually had fun for fun's sake?

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, people decided to stop playing, and whenever adults think of fun, they think of Netflix or perhaps zoning in on their social media accounts. Others engage in fun activities with their kids or perhaps resort to cleaning the house. While play may be essential to a growing child, it remains as crucial to adults, too. 

In fact, play is a source of stimulation and relaxation for the adult mind. Playing with your children, your friends, and even your romantic partners are all ways to help fuel your creativity and your imagination. But did you know that adult play can also help stimulate problem-solving abilities while helping strengthen one's emotional well-being? 

Adult playtime is the only time when an adult like you can forget all about work and responsibilities. It is the time when you let go of your commitments and focus more on the unstructured way you are learning things through play. 

Sharing jokes with a friend or dressing up in a costume for Halloween are all ways for adults to have fun. Remember that the goal is for you to have fun. There is no need to determine the point of the whole activity. Instead, focus on what's truly important at that moment which is to have fun!

Learning Can Be Fun

While fantasy play is often associated with the activities of a growing child, adults can benefit from it, too. Children at play are more likely to be less emotional even when things get rough. When children are having fun, it doesn't matter if they get hurt. They will get back up and run again. After all, that's the whole point of playing. You play because you want to have fun. 

Did you know that if you engage in a simple game, you can take that vibrant emotional state to work? It means that you will be more able to engage in other responsibilities and be even more productive at work.

You can engage in play on your own, or you could do it with a pet or a friend. The best kinds of play are those that take you as far away as possible from the sensory-overload play provided by electronic gadgets. 

What benefits can you enjoy out of play? Here are some of them in a list: 

Stress Reliever

Learning through play activities helps release natural endorphins in the body. They are the body's feel-good chemicals that promote an overall sense of well-being. In the long run, it helps the body release the stress while in the process of relieving pain. 

Better Brain Function

Completing puzzles, playing chess, or playing monopoly are fun activities that you can do at the comforts of your own home. These games may seem simple, but they help improve several brain functions, including one's memory. The social interaction part of the game with family and friends takes you away from feelings of stress and depression which makes it good for you and the people around you.  

Mind Stimulation

Young children, according to experts, often learn best when they are engaged in games and play. The same is true for adults. Responsibilities at home and at work could tire the adult mind. But when they engage in games and have fun, their minds are stimulated. They are encouraged to be creative, open up their imagination, and helps them get the confidence boost that they need. 

Improved Relations

Having fun and sharing an afternoon of laughter could help build rapport because it fosters empathy, trust, compassion, and intimacy. Play doesn't have to come with a set of activities to do. In fact, it can be a state of mind. Developing and keeping that playful nature allows you to loosen yourself up that even stressful situations won't break you. It will help you make new friends, build strong relationships, and perhaps become a whole new person everyone loves. 

Prevents Early Aging

When you don't stop playing, you never grow old. But when you start forgetting about play and focus more on work and responsibilities, you grow up older than your real age. It will show your physical appearance. Those fine lines will never lie. Play can give your energy and vitality a boost to keep you going. In fact, it will help the body improve its resistance from viruses and bacteria, helping it to achieve its most fruitful function. 

Play is not just about letting go of the worries and having fun. It also allows you to equip yourself with the essential tools needed to keep relationships interesting and alive. After all, nothing is more fun than having fun. Allow yourself to discover the fun side of you. It will be your favorite part of being you!

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