Saturn's Beta-Test

articles energy updates Apr 09, 2020

Saturn has arrived to Aquarius!

Amidst the panicked swarm of our parallel crises of the global pandemic and total economic collapse, he has begun to run his beta-test.

William Gibson, the science fiction writer, and futurist, puts it well when he says, “...the future is already here. It is just not very evenly distributed.” There are still millions of people on the planet that have yet to be hit by the reality of what is happening. But they will. We all will. With Saturn moving on from the Boneyard, we are going to get a sneak preview of what's to come over the next few years.

Aquarius, a Saturn ruled sign, conjures images of humanity, technology, and innovation first in our imagination, yet it also relates to all the nuanced nodes in a network that connects us all together. Think: the Internet. Many worries it won't be able to handle the overload due to our boredom, but only Saturn knows; Think: Airplanes. Many worry that the airlines are going under and we won't be able to travel ever again, but only Saturn knows. Think: Stock Market. Many say we are headed into something much worse than the Great Depression, well, only Saturn knows. All these themes are Aquarian ones and will be under intense surveillance by the Lord of Hard Times from now until the first days of July. He will then return to Capricorn until the end of the year, hopefully, to put the entire system back together again improved and renovated in exciting ways. We must trust in Saturn.

Ganymede, the water-bearer, the human mascot of Aquarius, bears more than just water. He also has access to ambrosia-that golden medicine which keeps the Gods radiant for eternity. It's said that mortals can't handle it, but demi-gods and magicians can. It's my feeling we can have a taste whenever we would like one. Reason being: We are all magicians. With the right practices and strong enough Saturn prayers, we can be gifted a crumb of ambrosia, then realizing the cosmic giggle in all of this. To see perfection in the chaos. To sense eternity in the smooth contours of our Souls. It is something we all could use at the moment. A small dose of Aion.

How to make allies with Saturn?

Put on your raven-cloak, help out a neighbor in need, sprinkle some black sesame on a grave, pay your respects, and beg him for a taste of ambrosia. Once you get your serving you will hear the song behind the song of the birds that are singing louder than ever. A hint into the nature of the Language of Birds. Once that bite slides down your throat, you will sense a throbbing heartbeat in the silence at the moment and it will open something in you. It will show you that you go on forever. That the only thing we can actually do is surrender and trust in this process. Resting in the idea that we all signed up for this. We can also keep our distance, stay virus-free, and actually show up for our brothers and sisters. We need each other more than ever. This need is the greatest teaching of Aquarius.

Has the Aquarius Age begun?
....only Saturn knows.

This is Saturn's beta-test. A better world will sprout from the toxic soil of this one. Saturn has spoken clearly. And he will continue to do so until we are back in alignment with his natural laws.

You are all in my prayers.

Wyrd blessings,

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