Spiritual Protection To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Do you have a mantra to remove negative energy around you? Perhaps you have thought of this before, but never seriously. Every time, you just tell yourself that the negative is part of your life, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

One of the great teachings of Buddha is that life contains suffering. Whether it is psychological, emotional, or spiritual negativity, negative experiences dampen your spirits and make you feel helpless. 

What Does Negativity Do To You

Before you explore the possibilities on how to eliminate negativity, you must understand what it can do to you. Negativity is not just about feeling bad over something. It is not just about a feeling that’s fleeting or that you can move on from quickly. 

Negativity can put you in a dark place. It can make you feel dull and heavy. It can turn your feelings into something reactive and often defensive. Negative emotions can alter your view of the world, and it can make you feel a mixture of fear, anxiety, and paranoia. 

Your mind and body are completely intertwined; that’s why emotional and mental negativity also comes with a physical counterpart. Increased blood pressure levels, elevated levels of adrenalin, shallow breathing, and tensed muscles are all indications of physical negativity. 

The negativity is the toxin in your system. You need to learn how to protect yourself from negative energy. To begin the healing process, you must learn to clear your mind, body, and heart from all the negativity. This will give room for some positivity to grow and thrive.

How Do You Let Go Of Negativity 

Have you heard of stones for protection from negative energy? The idea may seem strange. After all, who would think that rocks could help you get rid of the negativity in your life? 

It was not until you are left with no other choice that you will realize the special stones may be worth your while. 

Apart from the stones, what else can you do to get rid of the negativity in your life? Here are some tips to make things happen:

Tip 1: Think of negativity from a whole new perspective

When it comes to the energy that you allow to flow in your body, it is imperative to establish upfront that all these are, in a way, teachers in their own right. They should be viewed from a place of compassion and learning. 

When it comes to negativity in your life, you may need to rethink your perspective of things to allow the positivity to flow. Instead of thinking about the negativity in something, you should consider the lessons that it teaches you. 

Think of it as a new way of exploring your goals. The road to success may not be paved, but it surely teaches you more things about life than a paved road would ever be able to. Instead of thinking about the negative in the situation, look at it as something positive that requires an appropriate response and action. 

Tip 2: Take a bath and take it seriously

Whenever you take a bath, you are purifying yourself in one way or another. Physically, you scrub off the dirt and dust in your body. But in the process, taking a bath allows you to renourish your spirit.

It gives off a certain kind of positivity that when appropriately embraced, you can make things work to your advantage. Imagine essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender in your bath water; not only will they help calm the mind and the body, but it could also lead to spiritual healing. 

Take in all the positivity that comes with these essential oils and see how good you feel when you see the negative toxins go down the drain. 

Tip 3: Allow meditation to be a part of who you are

What happens when you spend a few minutes of each day in meditation? Not only can it be considered your downtime, but it is also the best way to lift your spirits. It can help restore an entire system to achieve the perfect balance in positivity. 

Meditation can be your antidote to stress. It can release the tension in the body that causes increased blood pressure. The healthy practice of meditation allows you to bear witness to your thoughts. See those negative notions come and leave you all for the better. 

Tip 4: Get out and be one with nature

Have you tried nature therapy? Whether it is going away for the entire weekend or just a few hours to be one with nature, going on a nature trip will benefit you more than you could ever imagine. The purity of nature can give you that reboot that you need to uninstall all the negativity in your life. 

Whether in the mountains or out at sea, being one with nature will make the trip worthwhile. 

Tip 5: Get up and get moving

Negative energy can bring you down physically. It will feel like you are collapsing and falling into a black hole where your negativity mindset gets you lost in oblivion. One sure way of fighting this effect of negativity is for you to get yourself moving. 

Whether it is yoga or walking, running, or any other exercise routine, it will help you manage the negativity. Being energetic allows you to purge the negativity out of your system. 

How Do You Live With Negativity

You don’t have to live with it at all. But if you find yourself empowered by all the negativity around you, just stop and take a moment to reflect on what you are doing. 

Where is all this negativity coming from? The truth is that they come from where you wish you had more control. Allow yourself to be where it wants to be. Manage your expectations and learn to accept that some things are not under your control. This way, you will be able to see the light. 

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