Steps To Practice A Karma Cleanse 

What does it mean to cleanse your body? You hear about it all the time. When you get sick, people will tell you that you need to go through some cleansing to heal your body and soul. And they are right. Cleaning your body helps get rid of germs and bacteria. But cleansing your soul and karma is a little more complicated.

There are various methods for cleansing, each one targeting a particular aspect of your being. Some people believe that drinking fruit juices with pure lemon, cayenne, and water will help cleanse the body from within. However, when it comes to cleansing your physical body, it is essential to consult a doctor on how it can be done appropriately. They can tell you if the method of your choice is healthy. But cleansing is not just about what your physical body needs. 

What Kind Of Cleansing Do You Need?

Determining the kind of cleansing you need is the first step to bringing change in your life. The point of cleansing is always two-fold. It should be about removing unwanted toxins in your physical body and getting rid of your aura and spirit's negative energies. 

You may have accumulated a bunch of unwanted fat or medical issues because you have been eating poorly all your life. The stress you deal with daily only made it worse for your body. Doing a cleanse will help your physical body find renewal, allowing it to begin living life again. 

The same is true for your spirit. When your body suffers, your spirit suffers too. The laws of karma will teach you that going through a kind of karma ritual will help you clean your soul and spirit too. 

You need to get rid of all the toxins that have been causing your soul to be compromised. It is not about doing things you don't like, but it also about not doing the things that you like and makes you feel fulfilled. 

The decisions and indecisions that you have made in your life have put you in a position where you are no longer happy. While it may be a part of navigating through the world, a good karma cleanse can help you find your happiness from within. 

Karma cleaning will wash away all the negativity in your life. It will help you get a new start, this time with a clean slate. You will find yourself ready to fall in love again because you are done cleaning the baggage your past relationships have left in you. 

How Do You Start A Karma Cleanse?

The truth about karma is that it is not limited to the idea of what you do will come back to you. It is not like you will get hit by a truck just because you cut in line at the grocery store. Or that you didn't win in the lottery because you forgot to hold open the door for someone else. 

The Universe is not proportioned to think that way. Karma isn't just about action and reaction. Instead, it is about the totality of the actions you've been doing. This means that if you always choose to do what is right and good to others, then the cosmos will reward you for it. In some way, you will be given something you really desire. 

However, if you keep doing others wrong, you can only expect the worst to happen in your life. But then again, the whole idea behind karma is this: it is about living a better life because you have helped make others' lives better. 

Getting a karma cleanse is like giving your spirit a reset. It allows you to turn to the next page to get a new beginning. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Seek forgiveness

You have hurt a lot of people in the process of living your life. Whether you have wronged them in a small or big way, you need to work to earn their forgiveness. Do something to make up for what you owe them. 

Be genuine in the process of contrition. Even if they do not show you mercy, the act of genuinely feeling sorry for what you did will give your soul the cleansing that it needs. It will free you up from the burden of hurting others. 

Step 2: Forgive others

Remember that forgiveness runs both ways. When you ask for forgiveness, you should be ready to forgive others as well. Holding onto your anger creates a kind of festering feeling that will bother you emotionally and mentally. 

It is not a matter of telling yourself you're okay with what they did. Instead, it is about telling yourself that you can finally move on from the hurt and pain they caused you. It is not essential if they apologized for it. 

What is important is that you free yourself from the negativity of their actions.

Step 3: Express gratitude

While this help is deeply emotional, you can begin by making a list of all the things that you are grateful for. This will help you see the goodness in the world. And although things don't always go in your favor, you will realize that there is something good in every little thing. 

Step 4: Discover the beauty of life

Do you still remember how you felt when you woke up to the sound of the chirping birds? Or how it felt when the rush of wind touched your cheeks? Remember that there is beauty everywhere, and you can find joy in the little things

Opening yourself up to the beauty of the world will make you appreciate life even more. And even though things do not always go your way, you know that there is something beautiful you should be thankful for. 

Step 5: Be the goodness that you want in the world

What are the things that you can do for others? How you want your life to be should teach you ways you can be good in this lifetime. The good deeds that you show don't always have to be huge. Even the small ones can make a difference.

At the end of the day, when it comes to yourself, the change has to be intense, and it must come from within. Make your life better by making the lives of others better. The rebound of good deeds should happen to all. 

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