The Hidden Chakras Nobody Told You About!

Alright...I know how it sounds.

Hidden chakras? In your body...beyond the normal 7? 

If you're a part of any New Age community, you'll know just how powerful, and omnipresent the chakras seem to be. They're everywhere these days...from tacky gift shops and wellness retreats to Marvel movies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining...isn't it awesome to see more spiritual topics being covered as our collective consciousness begins to shake out of this little rut we got going on?

But I'll admit...I am starting to wonder something.

Don't you think people talk enough about the 7 major chakras? I mean...they're amazing, and you should always strive to keep them balanced with daily meditation, good diet and of course...a heart centred way of being and living. But the truth is, there's an entire wealth of energetic systems, circuits, highways and channels that no one seems to talk about with the same kinda umph. But they're just as important...

The chakras are really just one small part of Lightbody. I like to think of them as the gas station on the energetic super highway of your body...but no one talks about the actual highway! That’s like trying to drive a car without knowing which direction the road is going... 

So without further ado, we got your weekly Spirit Science fix right here!

That’s what we wanna share with you all today. Everything from the Nadis and minor chakra points to the Meridians of Chinese Traditional Medicine…where they are, what they do and just how they fit into your Lightbody as a whole.

Plus...don't tell anyone, but there's also a lil' secret at the end on this new thing we discovered recently in our own Lightbody. It's like an etheric knapsack sorta thing below our feet that contains records of the energy of our past lives. So we'd love to know if anyone else has found anything like it!

As we’re moving into this beautiful new platform of Mighty Network, everything is becoming more integrated...I'm sure you've noticed it too! So thanks for bearing with us while we upgrade ourselves. Either way, it’s kinda fitting we’re covering how to integrate the FULL Lightbody now, as we are ourselves becoming more fully integrated.

Love & Light
Patch :)


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