The Origins Of Palm Reading

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What do you know about palm reading? While it may be one of the most popular divination practices, there is a lot that people do not know about palmistry. Its origins are as magical as the practice itself. 

Chiromancy, or most popularly known as palm reading, is one of the most highly regarded divination tools. While its precise origins remain unknown, the study of its origins points to an ancient Indian civilization. From there, it spread to China, Tibet, Greece, and ancient Egypt. In fact, the great thinker, Aristotle, shared a few things he knew about palm reading. In his view, he believed that the lines in the human hands are there for a reason. 

Looking Into The History Of Palm Reading

In the Middle Ages, the practice of palm reading seemingly got lost. It drowned when all the other personality assessment tools were discovered. But palmistry had its great revival during the 19th century. 

During the 19th century, interest in the occult grew stronger. Everyone wanted to learn palmistry. Several chirological societies were founded to hopefully advance the practice in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Practitioners and believers of palm reading promoted the practice and the many benefits that it came with. William John Warner, known for his pseudonym Cheiro, became one of the most well-known palm readers in the world. 

This Dublin-born palm reading enthusiast has amassed a global following. By the mid-1900s, the practice of palmistry became fully-integrated within popular American culture. 

What exactly is in the practice of palmistry? How does it work? What does it reveal about a person?

Although all divination practice requires extensive study and thorough training, the fundamentals of chiromancy are quite easy to learn. You can quickly cultivate a unique approach to the exercise once you understand the basic theory and techniques of palm reading. 

Accurate interpretation becomes truly helpful to those who seek their wisdom. 

Even the greatest of the thinkers believe that everyone's future is in the palm of their hands, both literally and figuratively. 

What Are The Functions of Palmistry?

Palmistry is the art of analyzing the lines in the human hand. The physical features of the hand reveal the personality characteristics of an individual, while the lines in the hand say something about what's coming in the future for that person. 

The analysis done by the practice of chiromancy comes with a kind of time limitation. Our ancient ancestors used to gaze at the night sky to find astounding correlations between the movements of the planets to what is happening on earth. 

Palm readers do the same thing. They do not limit their interpretation based on what they see on the person's hand. They look into how these are connected to more significant themes.

After all, occult traditions are always based on the esoteric axiom: "As above, so below."

In palmistry astrology, the lines on the hand are only a microcosm of the universe. While it is encouraged that each palm reader should focus their reading to the lines and creases on the palm, they should also be familiar with any historical events of the person and the practice.

Not only will this practice help them develop a rich vocabulary to terms that may be applicable to the present, but it will allow you to see the method beyond what is personal. It only proves that everything plays a part in the bigger scheme of things. 

How Do You Begin Palm Reading?

The practice of palm reading is anchored in the belief that it reveals facts based on broader observations. The beginning will always be about the bigger scheme of things. It is about what the universe says about your palm and those hands. 

As the reading continues, you will continue with more nuanced details of the person's hand. Talk about the features that are uniquely theirs. Every hand is different. Every palm tells a different story.

Experts in palm reading also argue about doing a reading of both the left and the right hand. Some believe that only one hand should be read at a time, as it is already representative of what both hands are trying to say. 

However, others believe that the left and the right hand of a person reveal a different future. The non-dominant hand, meaning the hand not used for handwriting, is the hand that shows the natural character and personality of a person. 

The dominant hand, the one used for handwriting, reveals those traits that have been put to practice. When read together, the hands show how that person is utilizing his knowledge and skills to develop his potentials in this lifetime. 

Here are some tips for conducting palm reading properly.

Tip 1: Cup the hand within yours

To begin, take the other person's hand and cup it in yours. Make quiet observations of the hand. Feel the texture. Are they smooth or rough? Are the nails manicured or dirty? All the silent observations you make will help draw the bigger picture of what the future will be like for this person.

Tip 2: Look into the lines on the palm 

The lines of the hand are where the divination practice is based; that's why it should never be overlooked. Every line as much as every crease on the hand says a lot about that person. Nothing is meaningless in a person's hand, whether it speaks of the past or the future. 

Tip 3: Trust your intuition

The practice of palm reading is as much knowledge as it is of intuition. You can extract meaning from the smallest of details, but your gut will always tell you the truth. Trust what your instincts tell you and allow it to manifest in your palm reading practice. 

How Do You Bring Everything Together?

Palmistry, like any practice of divination, will not yield any fixed answers or solutions to problems. What it can do is give you an idea of what could happen in the future based on what you may have done in the past.

Palm reading allows you to gain insight into the past and look forward to what the future brings. It illuminates the path ahead, so you know the best actions to take. 

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