The Secret to Overcoming Instant Gratification Addiction

Everyone wants to get what they want when they want it. When some of these people don't, they complain and expect everyone around them to find a way to make things better. Indeed, this is the age of self-gratification. There's no doubting that. 

And while experts say that it is not the fault of just one person and that it's something that society has to deal with as a whole, it always pays to be responsible for your actions. Perhaps the first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself how to avoid temptation.

Although it may be easy to go on with what you have been used to, it is also essential to overcome it.

What's So Bad About Instant Gratification?

What is wrong about instant gratification? Why would you want to change your ways when it works well for you? 

While it may be true that you only live once and you should enjoy life, it is important to consider what the future may bring. 

Yes, life is short, so you must do anything and everything to enjoy it. But this does not mean you should waste it on material or worldly things.

For example, you indulge in pleasurable food because you want to. But then again, you gain so much weight that you are no longer healthy. You develop various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. 

Another example is when you use the internet a bit too long, which causes you to suffer from terrible headaches. You do online shopping so often that you have spent so much on things you can't even afford to begin with that you're swimming in debt. 

In these examples, you got everything you wanted, without limitations or restraints. When you live with an instant gratification mindset, you drown yourself in a situation that makes it seemingly impossible to move forward. 

However, there is another way you can choose to live your life. You can eat simply and choose healthier options most of the time, you can enjoy the use of the internet with moderation, and only purchase the things that you need. It is not about not indulging in treats or not letting yourself enjoy life. Instead, it is about restraint.  

The second way of living is all about simplicity and focus. The goal is to be mindful of your actions to be able to appreciate it fully. 

The first way of living will lead you to selfishness and childishness. These immature causes of impatience are a direct result of instant gratification. 

Is it possible to overcome this way of thinking? Before you develop a self-gratification disorder, here are ways to help you live a more mindful life.

Be mindful of urges

We all feel the urge to eat that slice of cake or binge eat while watching a movie or maybe even give in to the distraction of checking our social media account from time to time. You will feel all these urges, but you don't necessarily have to act on them.

What you can do instead is to be mindful whenever these urges come to you. Maybe you can even keep a tally of when you feel these temptations. It's an excellent way to start being mindful. 

Always try to delay

While the demand to deliver will always come with a sense of urgency, you should always try to delay the action instead. Once you feel the urge, don't act on it. Take a pause. Put some time between the urge and the action. Allow yourself to relax first. Take deeper breaths and try to calm yourself down. All these will help prevent you from giving in to the urge and the regret that it will come with later. 

Be conscious of all the decisions that you make

If you are going to indulge yourself in that slice of cake or perhaps eat a bar of chocolate, then go ahead and do so consciously. However, do not do anything that you haven't really thought through. Is it healthy for you? Can you afford it? Or is it something that brings you closer to your goal? Every decision that you make should not just gratify your desires. It should also meet your body's needs and life goals. 

Take the time to learn the process of self-discipline

There will be times when you will fall a bit short. You give in and may overindulge. And that's totally okay. Everyone gives in to temptation once in a while. However, the more important lesson to keep is that you will choose the healthy one for you the next time you need to make that decision. Over time, your decision-making process will get better. If you pay careful attention to how everything turns out, you will see how your actions and decisions impact your life. 

Enjoy life without giving up

Is it possible to enjoy life when you don't give yourself a reason to celebrate and be happy? There are different ways to enjoy life. You don't have to sacrifice your whole life and your overall well-being to be able to enjoy life. You can eat a piece of a donut or pass on it. You can enjoy a good movie without also scrolling on your phone. You can buy a high-quality dress without breaking the bank. You can do all these and still be mindful of your actions. Either way, you will know which option is healthier for you. 

If you are looking for ways to live a more conscious life, then you need to incorporate these steps. Enjoying life is not about pushing yourself too hard. Instead, it is about choosing simplicity over grandeur. It is about being mindful of your actions. 

How do you keep up with the urgency of instant gratification? Allow yourself to embrace simple living. When you are fully aware of how you feel and think, it is easier to live simply. 

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