The Spirit Science Chakra Movie: The Definitive Guide to Balancing Your Centers

Hey there! Guess what...

We finally did it...

With eight episodes under our stuffing, all about Chakras, Nadis, the Lightbody and the Kundalini... we thought it was finally time to put it all together and create a full on Chakras Movie! 

Cause' ya know... everyone seems to love our movies... seriously it's kinda funny, we get so many more views on the 2-3 hour long Mega Episodes than we do for the normal ones... I guess you guys just love the in-depth discussion and I'm here for it!

For the first time ever, you won't have to go back through all the old videos to find episode 1... cause' we've built the definitive guide to everything Chakra... 

It's over an hour long and covers every episode we've ever released. It'll ease you in with the history and nature of our energy centres, taking you on a guided tour of YOU, exploring the mirror walls and halfsteps as we move through the Nadi Highway... all the way to the Crown... and then phasing into the higher and lower dimensions to tackle your Multidimensional Chakras!

If you wanna ground with the perfect landing pad before jumping off into your own exploration, then look no further than this movie... cause' we're pulling out ALL the stops on our Chakra Super Highway.

So in the name of Libra Season... may you find some hardcore balance!

Love & Light
Patchman & Team Spirit

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