Three Signs Of A Free-Spirited Person

What is your idea of a free-spirited person? More often than not, people associate them with the hippies and other types of new-age stereotypes. But is a free spirit as simple as that? Or is there something more to them than meets the eye?

free-spirited woman is something of a different nature entirely. She is someone who doesn't play games by the rules, just because other people say they should. They go out of their way to do the things that they want. 

The symbol of a free spirit is someone who thinks and acts for themselves. It is remarkably rare as most people would prefer to stick by the rules of the norm. Free spirit characteristics mean it is not bound by any particular doctrine or group.

They live on their terms. 

What Does It Mean To Be Free-Spirited?

What does it mean to become free-spirited? Living a free-spirited life means not residing within the bounds of a particular doctrine. These people do not make decisions based on what other people tell them. They make their choices based on what they want or what they think is good for them. 

However, it is easy to assume that free-spirited people are inconsiderate, but they are not. They connect deeply with the world and try their best to do good and show kindness every time. They are pulled in the direction of how their heart wants them to work. The same energy pulls them away from doing the things that do not make them good people. 

Do you think you are a free-spirited person? Or do you find it in you the desire to learn how to become a free spirit

What Are The Signs Of A Free Spirit?

How do you know if you are a free spirit? Here are the top signs that will tell you that you are:

Sign 1: You are independent

While other people may say that they are independent, a free-spirited person's independence is on a whole new level. They are aggressively independent that they only follow the beat of their own drum. 

Their independence can sometimes reach the point of being overly rebellious. These individuals do not stop what they do just because someone says they should. They do not allow anyone to tell them what they can and cannot do. 

Even though it may seem distasteful to others, they do not care. When other people show their disagreement, a free-spirited person will find herself doing it even more. 

For most people, this is one of the most difficult things to do in life. The norms of society and other outside forces have a bearing upon everything that they do. Most people also feel the pressure of sticking to the norms and conforming to the idea even though they disagree with it. 

However, a true spirited person does not care about norms or traditions. They will do what they want when they want it, even if others disagree. The more thoughts of conforming make them do what they want to do more. 

Sign 2: You are not fearful of anything

One of the most defining characteristics of a free spirit is that they have learned to live with fear. It does not allow fear to hold them back from doing what they want to do. When you keep on going even though you are scared, then you are a true free spirit. 

Whenever people use the word "tame," they often associate it with having fear. This is the fear that holds people back from doing what they want. It is the fear of failure that cripples many people, making them hold back on their growth. 

While everyone aspires to be successful, free-spirited people are not the type who can be tamed. They don't stall on the things just because they are afraid it might not turn out as planned. 

If you are a free-spirited person, no person, thing, or circumstance can ever stop you from expressing who you are, no matter how people react to it. 

Sign 3: You stand for what you know

A free spirit is someone who knows what they believe in and stands by it all the time. You have strong values and opinions about life that you dare say to them when others question your capacity to live by society's rules.

You are not the kind who wanders just for the sake of wandering. A true spirit is someone who lives by their intent. They choose to live their lives according to the values they believe in. 

If you know what you believe in and what you stand for, you should never allow others to talk you out of it. You are truly free-spirited when you don't allow others to decide your future for you. 

Bonus Sign 4: You don't get attached

Another of the most prominent features of someone with a free spirit is their unwillingness to be chained down to society's wants. They are unlike most people who live their lives wanting to get the approval of society and traditions that have made society what it is today.

Free-spirited people are passionate about things, but they also have the desire in them to constantly change who they are. They regularly change their hobbies, physical appearance, obsessions, and often find themselves moving.

As a free-spirit, you worry when your partner decides to tie you down within the bounds of marriage. The thought of it scares you. As much as you can, you don't want your wings to be clipped for the sake of a romantic relationship.

What's Your Takeaway?

Are you wondering if you are free-spirited or not? The signs of a free-spirited person will always be there. Wanting to be your person is what makes you unique as an individual. 

If you are free-spirited, go ahead and live your life to the fullest. The same is true for those who find it hard to live freely. Within the bounds of society, find it in you to live the life that you want and be happy. 

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