Three Yoga Poses For Detoxification 

The beginning of every year is when people feel the strongest need for detox yoga. After they have indulged in treats during the holidays, people feel like they need to practice detox to clean themselves from the inside out. 

But in truth, everyone could benefit from doing a detox every now and again. The New Year is not the only time you can improve your bodily systems. Several yoga postures for digestion are beneficial and help the body to cope with all the stress brought about by the celebrations. 

The New Start To A Good Life

Your body has its way of coping with the stress that you experience daily. The pressure that you feel in the office and the stress of your responsibilities at home, all contribute to the unhealthy environment you put yourself in. 

At any given time, whether it is the New Year or not, your body has its way of telling you that it needs a bit of fine-tuning. Often, it begins when you start to feel bloated and a bit sluggish. Some would dismiss it as a mere form of laziness, but it is the body’s way of sending the message across.

Your body is designed to engage in a kind of detoxification every day. It requires you to clean up and clear your head in order to prepare for bed. So when it feels like it is hard to fall asleep at night, you need to help clear your head. Meditate so that you can signal your brain that it is time to retire for the night. 

Yoga is one of the most accessible, most enjoyable forms of meditation. With the various poses that stretch the body, it has become a healthy way to give the body a little nudge to face the right direction. 

This is why people often promise themselves to engage in yoga at the beginning of every year. It is like giving themselves a clean slate. Cleansing and detoxification are practically the same processes. They both bring you back to your good old, dependable, and authentic self. 

Discovering The Art Of Yoga

In order to begin your detoxification journey, you have to set out a plan for your diet. And then, you have to consider the many things that you can do to improve your life. For example, you can begin by committing yourself to several weeks of the green juice cleanse. 

Apart from that, you need to seek the help of meditation and yoga to improve your life. The benefits of twists in yoga are plenty, so if you want to bring a significant improvement in your life, then you better start doing yoga today. 

Various yoga poses help stimulate the circulatory and digestive system of the body. They are all essential for an overall detox of the mind and the body. The poses facilitate the release of the negative energies that make the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being sick. 

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, the practice also provides a kind of mental clarity. The calming aspect of yoga allows the brain to process things with a bit more clarity. If you want to release the toxicity from various aspects of your being, then it is best to engage in yoga. 

Yoga Poses For Maximum Detoxification

With a renewed passion for life and love, it is time to prepare yourself for yoga. Every yoga posture comes with its own benefits, but all help facilitate detoxification in one way or another. 

As you continue to practice, you will discover that some yoga poses make you feel better than the others. But if you are detoxifying, which poses should you try? Here are the top tips to help you get started:

Yoga Pose 1: Wide-legged forward bend

This is one of the poses that will really put your hamstrings to the test. It requires you to spread your legs and bend your body forward so that your head falls lower than your heart. This pose also reverses the pull of gravity, which then encourages circulation all throughout the body. 

The folding of the body squeezes the belly, which helps move things for smoother digestion. While you are doing this pose, do not forget to breathe. Practice deep breathing five times. Take a moment and repeat the breathing. 

Yoga Pose 2: Revolved chair pose

This is another kickass yoga pose that will put your flexibility to the test. It strengthens your core and lower legs too. It will make your quads and glutes feel like you are under a lot of pressure. This deep twist also aids in digestion as it puts gentle pressure on the spleen, liver, and kidneys. It helps remove the toxins from the body while working on toning the abdominal wall. 

In the process, this pose also proves to help improve blood circulation, the respiratory system, as well as lymphatic flow. It is the perfect pose that will help you forget about being sluggish and give you back the energy that you need to get through another day. 

Yoga Pose 3: Downward facing dog pose

The three-legged downward-facing dog pose is one where you hold your head below your heart. It requires you to lift one leg in the air and turn to the other one for variation. This is the pose that allows the smooth flow of blood throughout the body. 

Not only does it prove to be relaxing, but it helps in facilitating a mental detox. It allows you to clear your head from all your worries. It helps release stress, sadness, and fear. 

What’s Your Takeaway?

Twist and bend. That is what you do to your body when you do yoga. While it may seem all too physical, yoga poses actually help facilitate the detoxification process in your mind as well. It would be no surprise that you look and feel better from inside out after engaging in yoga.

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