How Deep Breathing Benefits Us (Scientifically)

Breathing is one of the most natural processes of the human body. It is the first thing a person does once he is born, and the last one before he dies. Yet, little do people know that breathing can be enhanced to help the body cope with stress. 

Breathe in and breathe out. Do you think you breathe healthily? While breathing is something that you do everyday, it is one of the most neglected aspects of everyday living. It can be done without a thought. When a person experiences a hard time breathing, they realize how important it truly is. 

How Important Is Proper Breathing?

When was the last time you took a deep breath, and it made you feel good? You probably don't do it as frequently as you should. Perhaps if you knew of the pranayama benefits of proper breathing practices, you would appreciate taking deep breaths more often. 

Did you know that breathing is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of fighting anxiety? If you are looking for the best way to deal with stress, you need to look into breath control exercises. They help reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and even help in proper digestion. 

Why should you engage in proper breathing then? Simply put, inhaling oxygen in your body does wonders for the physical and psychological aspects of who you are. It opens, cleanses, and soothes the different parts of your human body. Proper breathing exercises are one of the best ways to keep the body healthy. 

More than its physical benefits, deep breathing also helps clear the brain. It allows a person to think deeply and find focus in his thoughts. 

With all the benefits of regular breathing exercises, what is there to doubt? Take on the practice of deep breathing and allow yourself to fully experience the benefits that it has to offer. 

How Does Breathing Affect Your Life?

There are many benefits that people speak of when it comes to regular breathing exercises. The mere practice of deep breathing allows the body to naturally cope with stress. But scientifically, deep breathing comes with numerous benefits for every person, including but not limited to the below list!

Improves Calmness

When you are feeling too anxious, or under a lot of stress, your brain releases the "stress hormone," also known as cortisol. In countering this, deep breathing will allow more oxygen to enter your body. It slows down your heart rate, allowing you to feel more relaxed. Deep breathing also directs the body to produce more of the "happy hormones" called endorphins. This is the chemical in the brain that puts you in a more happy, stable disposition. 

Pain Relief

Did you know that deep breathing can help the body deal with pain more appropriately? In the release of endorphins, the body can find healing in itself. It helps you feel more comfortable, allowing you to be more mindful of your body's needs, including how you should deal with the pain. 

Body Detoxification

The process of breathing requires the body to inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Did you know that you are cleansing your body of toxins every time you take a deep breath? In fact, breathing is in charge of at least 70% of the toxins in the body while keeping the cells healthy with renewed sources of oxygen every time. If you do not breathe fully, the other systems of your body will have to work overtime to release the toxins to keep your body at its most healthy state. 

Immunity Booster

It is through deep breathing that you can fully oxygenate the body. It absorbs nutrients and vitamins more effectively. In theory, the cleaner the blood, the harder it is for the illnesses to rest in the body and develop. In order to protect your body from unwanted infections caused by viruses and bacteria, all you need to do is to stop and take deep breaths. 

Increased Energy

Deep breathing helps a person achieve a more relaxed breathing process. The natural pauses that you take bring in more oxygen to the cells in the body. With the increased amount of oxygen in the blood gives the person an energy boost. It improves stamina in the most natural ways possible. 

Manage Blood Pressure Levels

Deep breathing helps the muscles in the body relax. It allows the blood vessels to dilate, which then helps improve in blood circulation. In turn, this process maintains a healthy blood pressure level. Deep breathing helps regulate the heart rate too, which contributes to lower blood pressure levels. 

Improves Digestion

The more you practice deep breathing, the more you are helping improve the blood flow in your body. In turn, this helps the other organs in the body become fully oxygenated to function correctly. This includes your intestines. Take note of improved digestion when you practice deep breathing more consciously. You will see how it prevents unwanted discomfort in the organs of the digestive tract. 

What is the purpose of breathing exercises? The best way to get the answers that you need is through experience. When you take a moment to breathe deeply as often as you can, you will slowly notice the changes that it brings in your body.

It is not just about the benefits that it has on your body. It is also about the clarity that it brings to your mind. The psychological benefits of regular breathing exercises include increased peace, calm, and focus. After all, as breathing is the most natural part of the human system, let it allow you to naturally find healing from within

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