Top Healing Meditation Instruments You Should Know

How can sound therapy help you? While you may hear different sounds every day, not all of them will heal you. The world is full of sound and noise, and you have to learn to distinguish which one is which. 

Sound healing chimes are among the most popular instruments used for sound healing, but they are not the only ones. There are so many other healing instruments that are waiting to be discovered.

Discovering The Power Of Sound In Therapy

Did you know that the sound used for therapy dates back to ancient times? While it may seem like a new age phenomenon, the truth is that sound therapy instruments have been part of the rich culture and history of many communities. 

They were used to find remedies for several illnesses. More than anything, sound therapy was used to revive the spirit to make it well again. For thousands of years, people from various cultures have turned to sound therapy to help them deal with their physical ailments, believing that their inner state significantly affects how their bodies respond. 

How Can Sound Therapy Help You?

All sound is made of vibrations, and life exists at the core of vibrating atoms in the body. Depending on the instrument used, the body can be influenced on a cellular level, and this is what brings about the positive change in one’s health. 

Most of the popular instruments used for sound therapy are known to create what the practice calls Beta brain wave patterns. These are the patterns of sound in the body that is associated with concentration and focus. 

They are also in charge of the feelings of anxiety as well as the fight or flight reflexes. In addition to Beta, sound therapy will help the body achieve even calmer states known as “Alpha,” “Theta,” or even “Delta” brain waves. 

The “Alpha” is associated with relaxation while the “Theta” helps us achieve the right meditative state. On the other hand, the “Delta” is the trance-like state of mind where it becomes free from all forms of stress and worries.  

What Instruments Can You Use?

There are several meditation instruments available, each one with its own respective benefits. Most of these instruments will make you travel back in time and imagine what life was like for several different cultures.

Bathe yourself in the sound that heals and allow each instrument’s sound to resonate with you. 

Hammered dulcimer

Among all the spiritual instruments, this one is considered a favorite. It became popular during the Middle Ages in Europe. It is known to transmit a kind of calming atmospheric melody that helps relax the body. 

The music of Lisa Gerrard is the kind of ethereal music that is produced by the dulcimer. 


The gong produces one of the most relaxing sounds, especially when it is skillfully played. When brutalized, it creates a sound that’s just irritating to the ears and the soul. The gong proves to be powerful among sound therapy instruments as it is said to help resolve psychological, physical, and emotional dissonance. 

It was first used in 4,000 BC for meditation and yoga. It is also used for other therapeutic practices, including the balancing of the chakras. 

Wind chimes

Windchimes are often seen as ornamental decorations that hang by the front door or in the garden. However, before they became a home decor option, they were used for sound therapy. Their use dates back to ancient China, Rome, and India. 

In truth, wind chimes are used in Feng Shui because they are believed to help maximize the natural flow of the Chi or the life energy in many Chinese belief systems. Wind chimes also transmit a kind of beautiful celestial timbre and sounds. 

Pan flute

This instrument is commonly made from ivory, bamboo, or plain wood. Its use spanned back from 6,000 years and was widely used in the countries in South America. The pan flute is popular in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. They are used to produce typical folk music with calming melodies.

Singing bowl

Back in the 12th century, singing bowls became a popular hit in several countries in Asia. It was mostly found in Tibetan temples and monasteries used by monks for their meditative practices. In modern times, the singing bowl is commonly used during spiritual ceremonies and traditional yoga. It is also used for sound therapy to help people relieve their stress and find their inner peace. 


It was only 2,000 years ago when two Swiss inventors were able to produce the first hang. It is a spherical shaped harmonic instrument that possesses eight tunes notes, each one distinctly unique from the other. 

Depending on how the hang is played, it resonates with the sound that is similar to the singing bowl or the use of the steelpan. 

Tuning fork

It was first invented in 1711. The tuning fork is a small harmonic instrument designed to help other instruments come in tune when played together. These days, the tuning fork is used for sound healing therapy to help find the balance in the human energy level that radiates from within. It helps promote wellbeing and harmony. 


This instrument originated from Australia more than 1,000 years ago. The didgeridoo is considered an indigenous instrument that is commonly made out of wood. It often comes with handpainted imagery of traditional symbols for peace and calming. 

It can produce its deep resonance by blowing air from one end. It is often used in music therapy to help patients achieve a definite emotional and energetic state in their being. It is also played to assist in the healing of the mind and the body. 

What Does It Mean To Go Through Sound Therapy?

Incorporating sound therapy in your meditation practice will prove to be beneficial in the long run. All you need is to give it a try. It will give you access to rejuvenating, reviving, and serene states of mind. 

Which of these instruments should you try first? It is up to you. All of them will lend their magic and melody to help you find inner healing. 

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