Trusting Synchronicity 

As you have more and more synchronistic experiences and can perceive them with greater accuracy, there will be moments where you will ask yourself to take action upon them, to utilize the guidance that you are perceiving.

Before you can sustainably do this, you will need to trust it, honestly believe it.

Typically, there is so much self-doubt to overcome when trusting synchronicity, because, as I am going to talk about, it is more about trusting yourself. It is not about believing something that you perceive to be outside of you but rather building upon your comprehension and intuition to place yourself in a place of trusting.

Remember that everything that you experience is experienced through your perception. This means that nothing that you can perceive exists outside of you.

Make The Choice

There is a fundamental choice that each of us makes consciously or subconsciously, in every moment, and collectively we make together, and it has to do with how we perceive the world outside of us. There are two options: 1. To see the world as part of who you define yourself to be 2. To understand the world as separate from who you identify yourself to be. The former can be referred to as a type of perspective—or consciousness—called Unity Consciousness. The latter can be referred to as Duality Consciousness.

It is not my belief that one is “better than” another. However, there is one that I prefer, and that is Unity Consciousness. I also believe that one’s state of knowledge in these two realms fundamentally affects many aspects of their lives.

Trusting Can Be Strange

Seeing the world as part of you is not something that most people are accustomed to. The vast majority of people are engaging with their experience through the perspective of Duality Consciousness. However, there is a great awakening of people to the idea that all things are indeed connected, many through what is coming mainstream science in fields such as epigenetics, quantum physics, and research into the mechanics of DNA.

Duality Consciousness seeks to answer the question of, “How are these things different?”  

Unity Consciousness seeks to embody the knowingness that all things are one.

So, to “trust,” synchronicity blindly is not the type of trust that is most ideal. It is not sustainable because it is not informed. It is blissfully ignorant and has its place in the development as the initial first step. Still, there is a notable difference between hoping that something is real and seeking validation from the external world and knowing something is real regardless of what is experienced.

Open Yourself To Vulnerability

Trusting yourself in this way can feel extremely vulnerable, which is why being deeply honest with your emotional body is necessary. In essence, your vulnerability is where much of the power to experience synchronicity lies.

This first step in trusting yourself through the idea of your perception of synchronistic events can be done very rationally.

When you experience a synchronistic event, ask yourself, “What am I trying to tell myself here?” Then, listen to the answer! Having a meditation practice helps with this form of direct communication. If you do this regularly and EXPECT to get a response, you will.

Once you get your answer, and if that answer beckons for an action to be taken on your part, take that action and TRUST YOURSELF that if it feels right, it is correct. If it feels wrong or confronting or some other dense emotion, then check back in with yourself at this point. Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?” Or “What fear do I have that brings about this dense feeling?”

If you can move through that experience, identify the fear, see the fear, and therefore diminish its impact on your reality, then you will be ready to take whatever that next step is. As you take that next step, observe both how you feel as well as how things around you change. Be observant here, and look for the signs that you have made the right decision.

If it will be easy for you to make this jump and then look for all of the reasons that it was NOT the right decision. Remember that everything is a probability, and via the observer effect, we inform that probability. So, if you are using your perception here to see things in a non-optimal state, then you are reporting your experience sub-optimally relative to your desires.

Remember that a HUGE part of your experience as a human is to learn. Therefore, after you have trusted yourself enough to take one action upon your synchronicity, you may (and likely will) provide yourself with an experience to test whether or not you believe in yourself.

When this happens, check-in with yourself and ask, “Is this a communication that I should take another direction, or is this a test to see if I am steadfast in my trust of myself?” As before, silence the mind and await a response.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve done this a few times, you will begin to build up your “trust” muscle, which will eventually allow you to believe more deeply in yourself and compel you to experience more of life through this type of guidance - guidance from a version of you that is non-physical.

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