The Importance Of Spirituality In Life

How are you working to improve your spiritual growth? What have you been doing to help yourself become closer to the Universe? There is a growing number of studies that emphasize how important it is to improve one’s spirituality. 

If you’re practicing spiritual meditation and yoga, some studies reveal that such methods help people improve their overall health. Isn’t that awesome? But how does it work? This is what leaves people contemplating as to how transformative the power of meditation can be. 

What Makes Contemplative Practices Good For You

When was the last time you felt like you needed to be alone? In this day and age, when it seems everywhere is noisy, people can truly benefit from the practice of mindfulness and meditation. 

Various contemplative practices are made available to everyone. These are the practices that help direct your focus and attention to what is truly important. Often, people realize what is important to them when they look into what’s within. Sometimes, they are directed to a specific concept or sensation. 

Did you know that some of these contemplative practices date back to centuries ago? They are believed to increase compassion, attention, and empathy. Perhaps the best thing that a person could get from these practices is the gift of a quiet mind.

What Contemplative Practices You Can Try


This can induce feelings of calmness and clear-headedness. It improves concentration and attention too. Daily meditation can help reduce a person’s sensitivity to pain, enhancing their immune system to regulate and adequately process all those difficult emotions. 

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to help in a person’s spiritual wellness. It has helped those dealing with anxiety and depression, cancer, diabetes, and fatigue. 


Various spiritual practicesincluding soulful prayers, help elicit a relaxing response within the body. Every exercise of worship is rooted in the belief that there is a higher power that influences everything that happens in a person’s life. 

Believing that there is always someone looking after us is not only comforting, but it provides reassurance that help will come when you need it the most. 


This practice is already centuries old, but it continues to change the lives of many. Those who seek the union of their mental, physical, and emotional health should consider a daily yoga practice. The varying physical postures, breath expansion, and ethical behaviors all contribute to improving a person’s overall wellbeing. The practice of yoga has also been found to help people deal with stress, anxiety, hypertension, and various forms of inflammation. 

How Can A Spiritual Community Help You?

Most spiritual traditions encourage people to participate and become a part of a community. You get spiritual guidance in many ways and unique forms. A spiritual fellowship that includes attending a meditation group practice or church service are sources of positive support and reinforcement. 

It gives you a sense of belonging and security that could only come from a trusted community. Building a strong relationship with the people with whom you share your faith and vision has been proven to increase a person’s wellbeing.

It helps improve life expectancy, which is why spiritual practices like attending church services have been found to improve mood, health, and a person’s overall wellness. 

Spiritual strength can see you through

Did you know that people who have gone through major trauma in life can only fully recover from what happened to them through spiritual comfort? Whether these people have gone through war, abduction, imprisonment, or any event that caused trauma, they only found their way back in life because they chose to trust their spiritual growth. 

They dealt with the challenge and moved on to live a more purposeful life. They are able to bounce back and carry on. While this may not happen overnight, the people who have sought spiritual help got exactly what they needed

The strong spiritual outlook that you gain from doing spiritual practices will help you see life from a different perspective. You will begin to see things beyond your needs or aspirations. For every pain, there is always an equal comfort that will come. 

It is when you learn to embody this that you will be able to see the light. 

Spirituality pushes people to make better choices

Adhering to a particular spirituality practice may bring about indirect effects on a person’s physical health conditions. These spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s body. They are discouraged from living unhealthy behaviors.

Research studies show that one of the tenets of people practicing their religious and spiritual beliefs is that they are taught to follow tradition. And by tradition, this means that they are less likely to engage in activities that religion considers as vices like smoking, drinking alcohol, committing crimes, or being involved in violent activities. 

More importantly, people who have developed their spirituality are known to keep preventive habits instead. They take their vitamins, go to sleep early, or even wear seatbelts while driving. 

These may all be simple decisions, but they make a person’s life livable.

Spirituality teaches you to forgive

Letting go of negative feelings in your life can be quite challenging for some, especially when they do not see the other person being sorry for what they’ve done. But spirituality taught them well. 

Forgiveness opens the doors for blame to go away. There might be a need for accountability, but for as long as you only choose to do what is good, you don’t have to worry about what other people think. 

Forgiving people who have wronged you means letting go of the negativity that hinders you from chasing after your dreams. It is not important if they apologized for what they did or if they change their behavior. 

What is more important is that you find peace of mind and heart, knowing that you did what is right. 

How Does Spirituality Change You?

You’d be surprised at how much spirituality can change a person’s life. Whether attending church service or practicing yoga, you can bring that difference in your life. 

All you need is to believe. 

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