Weight Loss Meditation Techniques

How many diet programs have you tried? How much weight have you lost since you enrolled yourself at the gym six months ago? Whenever people talk about losing weight, they always turn to two of the most critical factors that come into play: diet and exercise. 

While it is normal for people to think of grueling workout routines and eating only healthy foods, experts believe that people should turn to a more holistic approach to weight loss. Deepak Chopra suggests meditation to help people through their weight loss struggle. 

How Can Meditation Change Your Weight Loss Journey?

Pranayama for weight loss is not something new, and yet only a few people know about it. While meditation is often associated with the need for a positive reinforcement psychologically, the positive change it brings about affects everything else. 

Through mindfulness meditation, a person can rewire their body to help them modify some of the systems that it follows. In particular, a person can change their eating behaviors and habits through proper meditation. 

Guided meditation for weight loss can bring about wonders. When it seems as if no diet plan or exercise routine could ever make you get rid of that stubborn weight, meditation will. 

It will allow you to start a weight loss journey the right way. 

Meditation will allow you to focus on working on improving yourself. Instead of just working to lose weight, the approach would be more holistic. The target is improving your overall well-being. 

How Does Your Eating Method Define You?

When it comes to discussing meditation for weight loss, one of the most overlooked yet essential aspects is the method of eating itself. People forget that the way they eat is just as important as what they eat. 

There are three ways a person could eat, each one with its corresponding effect on the body. 

Emotional eating

Stress eating or often referred to as emotional eating is when people tend to eat and subsequently overeat because they are driven by powerful emotions. Rather than responding to the cues that their bodies send, they give in to eating more than they should because they are too focused on making up for how they feel emotionally. 

In this type of eating, the goal is not on whether the body feels full or not. Satisfaction is achieved when the emotions are controlled. 

Mindful eating

This is a technique that will help repair your relationship with your body and the food experiences that you submit to it too. This process calls for diet meditation, where you are more present and engaged to your senses. 

It is not about dealing with the hunger cues that your body sends. Instead, it is about experiencing how the food tastes, smells, and most importantly, how the food makes the body feel. Mindfulness eating incorporates intuitive eating to help slow down the need to overindulge. 

Intuitive eating

This involves both the body and the mind to help achieve a healthier approach to weight loss. It rejects the idea of a strict diet. Rather, it helps the person listen to their internal physical cues. The goal is to find healing in food by building a good relationship with it. 

Intuitive eating is all about mindful eating with an expanded philosophy that spans across the moving body to make it feel good about itself. 

Awareness Opens Up Doors For Weight Loss

Did you know that people start to lose weight even without dieting just because they become more mindful of what they put inside their bodies? Those who began meditating become more aware of what their body needs. 

While some say that hunger meditation is the best method that worked for them, a number of experts say that it is the sense of awareness that helped people to lose weight. 

There are two basic reasons why people eat. First, they eat because they are physically hungry and that their body requires them to eat something. Second, they eat because they are emotionally hungry. 

Meditating helps calm their emotions. They become less likely to get stressed out and indulge themselves in good food. Eating doesn’t have to become a coping mechanism against stress. 

Meditation allows people to become more aware of how they feel. And when they know how they feel about food, they will respond to it more appropriately. 

There is no need to give up eating good food altogether. In fact, you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. Meditation will put you in a better disposition to choose which foods are good for you and which ones are not. 

How Hungry Can You Be?

How much food can your body really take? In truth, experts in meditation believe that everyone has the same threshold for food and satisfaction. And yet, some forget about how much their body really needs. 

Because others have become too focused on what they want to eat, instead of what they need, they end up consuming more than they should. How hungry are you?

This is one of the questions that people need to ask themselves, but never do. Food always tastes better when you are hungry. The size of an empty stomach is the size of your closed fist. 

Open your hand and imagine how much food would fit on your palm. That’s about the right amount your body needs. Eating more than that won’t be good for you at all. 

How Do You Control Your Weight?

The high demand for a slimmer and sexier body in this modern world may be adding to the pressure on your shoulders. It seems you want to lose weight because others are doing the same. 

But did you know that stress can lead to weight gain? The body interprets the stress as a form of famine, which means it will direct you to eat more. Even if you have eaten enough to satisfy physical hunger, your emotional hunger will make you eat more. 

Submit yourself to meditation before it’s too late. Allow yourself to live more mindfully, and it will naturally allow your body to adjust accordingly. Rather than getting stressed out, relax. It will help you lose weight. 

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