What You Need To Know About Gong Meditation

How much do you know about gong meditation? Perhaps you have heard of how it helps people find healing, but it never really occurred that it could be something that could work for you. It was until you heard of yoga gong that you began to realize that its benefits might be real. 

The practice is also known as the gong bath, mainly because the gong therapy participants are bathed in meditation sound waves produced when the practitioner hits the gong. It is a kind of sound therapy that is unique of its kind. 

Its participants know the gong sound effect involves the soothing and often therapeutic gong vibrations, allowing the mind to focus on something. As the sound keeps the mind occupied, people are gently guided into the deep state of meditation. 

What Does It Mean To Experience Gong Meditation?

As a person lays comfortably on meditation maps, gong healing begins its magic with every sound. With the right pillows and blankets, the participants are asked to keep their eyes closed to help them relax.

The instructor will slowly guide them through the session. At first, the gong is played softly to help lighten the mood. As the course progresses, the gong volume is slowly increased, but never to the level of discomfort.

The gong sound is changed continuously too. This way, it won't sound monotonous. The auditory stimuli of the brain are treated to something entertaining. Through this, the instructor can guide the brain waves to reach the desired frequency. That's why the sound of the gong becomes truly beneficial.

Alpha frequencies; that is usually the goal. It is closely associated with creativity and various feelings of comfort to achieve relaxation. And then, the gong therapy leads the participants to reach the Theta brainwaves frequency. It is the one associated with deep meditation, REM sleep, and even hypnosis. 

What Facts About Gong Healing Should You Know?

You have wanted to explore gong healing, but you are unsure if it could work for you. Unless you try it yourself, you can never really tell if it's something that you want to pursue. 

So when you get the chance, go ahead and try it. After the first session, if you don't feel like trying again, perhaps it's not something you like. But if gong therapy is something you think you might like, then it's worth trying again. 

Here are some facts about this therapy that might just convince you to give it a try to aid you.

Fact 1: Gong therapy is a sound practice

Every meditation practice presents a unique type of therapeutic healing. The sound produced by the gong helps patients create the kind of energy vibration in their body that leads them to complete healing. 

The practice is also called the gong bath because it requires the participants to fully embrace the sound bathing through the gong sound waves. 

Fact 2: Gong meditation is always therapeutic

While some may say that they do gong meditation to help them find their focus, its most basic goal is always therapeutic. Like mindfulness meditation, it comes with a long list of therapeutic benefits. And yet, when you ask experts in gong therapy, they will say that it is the deeper awareness of the self that the gong is most helpful. 

It leads its practitioners to a non-judgmental appreciation of what is happening at the moment. The focus is not to win or to overcome a struggle. Rather, it is about finding true healing through acceptance. Things won't always go your way, and the gong therapy will help you find the courage to accept defeat. 

Fact 3: Gong therapy heals various types of health conditions

Did you know that gong therapy has traditionally been used to heal various types of health conditions? These treatments are based on the thorough understanding that all types of matter, even the human body, vibrate in different frequencies. 

Different factors affect the vibrations of the body too. It includes stress, depression, and bacteria and viruses in the body that make it sick. When the body's vibrations lean to the negative side, the person gets sick, and they feel sick. 

So while the most common reaction is to see a medical doctor to seek treatment, the gong therapy is also an alternative. It helps the body reach optimal frequencies that will help it find true healing. 

Fact 4: Gong baths helps reduce stress levels

Gong therapy has been in practice for thousands of years. And yet, up until today, enthusiasts of this type of meditation believe that it helps reduce stress levels in the body. Apart from that, it also helps facilitate the emotional blockages that could cause people to get sick. 

Scientific studies show that certain forms of sound therapy prompt the DNA strands in the human body to heal themselves. Some tones are thought to promote healing and vitality. 

And yet, some sounds trigger the body to produce happy hormones too. It is why many people prefer gong therapy not only for its therapeutic effects but also because the sounds themselves make people feel lighter and eventually a lot happier. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Sound and mindfulness therapies bring wonders into a person's life. In fact, sounds used to help people find focus from within. Rather than thinking about their breath or the physical sensations that they feel, the body is directed to listen to the music that the gong creates. 

It is all about finding the right balance to make yourself happy. 

When it comes to your healing, it is important to remain vigilant. Some therapies may work wonders for others, and you might find healing in the sound of the gong. Whatever works for you is what's best for you. 

The goal is to always go for what makes you happy. 

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