What You Need To Know About Qigong Exercises And Its Health Benefits

When was the last time you played a sport just for fun? Or go to the gym for your regular dose of exercise? When doing both seem all too difficult at this time, it seems there is no other way to get yourself physically active and healthy. 

Luckily there is Qigong for beginners. It is a simple yet powerful exercise for both the mind and the body. The best part of Qigong is that it can be done indoors or outdoors, making it the best alternative. There’s no need for any equipment or a special kind of program.

The daily practice of Qigong enhances one’s health, lifestyle, and overall outlook in life. 

What Is Qigong?

Qigong is a meditative practice that originated in China. Pronounced “chee-gong” this movement therapy is grounded in the concept of mindful meditation. It means “energy work,” which speaks of how it can help people cultivate the right amount of energy they need. 

Qigong was once associated with Buddhist and Taoist monks in China, but it is now practiced by people all over the world. This meditative regimen involves motion and deep breathing and enhances a person’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

It’s recognized as a form of medical treatment for various health conditions, including fibromyalgia in 1989. Since then, it has started to gain popularity in the United States both in traditional and alternative forms of medicine

Discovering The Healing Properties Of Qigong

You might have seen people, usually a group, holding poses much like that of yoga. Sometimes, Qigong training involves stances similar to martial arts or that of a slow dance.

You probably have seen people doing Qigong, if not the other exercise called Tai Chi. The two are sibling disciplines as they share similarities in movements. However, they are not entirely the same. 

The difference between Qigong and Tai Chi is the foundation of the energy used in each exercise. While Tai Chi may be all about the swiftness of movement, Qigong is more focused on developing the energy you need. 

Qigong is a much broader category of energy work that Tai Chi can fall under, including some of the famous Chinese martial arts practices. Qigong is considered as the foundation of Tai Chi as it is the practice that harnesses the depth and internal power of movement. 

The order of its movements do not only help enhance muscle memory and strength, but it helps nurture the mind for a complete Qigong healing experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Qigong?

Joint flexibility, improved range of motion, and muscle strength are just some of the many benefits of practicing Qigong regularly. Along with its reflective elements and diaphragmatic breathing techniques, Qigong is considered an effective way of managing stress and dealing with anxiety and depression. 

And yet, people who have found love and peace in Qigong document even more benefits, including:

Lower stress levels

Several studies have shown that the regular practice of Qigong can improve the body’s nervous system. Doing Qigong regularly helps lower the stress hormone levels in the body. Chronic stress can increase a person’s risk for various lifestyle diseases, including hypertension and diabetes. With a Qigong practice, people can manage their tension and enjoy its powerful health benefits. 

Promotes good heart health

A study published in the BMC Complementary Medicines and Therapies journal discovered that the practice of Qigong helped people who engage in intense, computer-based jobs control their blood pressure levels. Their heart rates noticeably slowed down too.

This effect on their heart saves a lot of them from having a heart that has been overworking. It lowers the risk of developing a heart problem in the long run. 

Significantly reduces pain

Women who have fibromyalgia reported that more than 73% of them suffer from less pain after engaging in four to seven weeks of Qigong practice. This is according to the study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 

In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, patients who have been practicing Qigong for an hour or two hours a day, more than 80% have reported an improvement in their symptoms. This is significantly higher compared to 57% of those who only received medication. 

How To Start A Qigong Practice

Are you old enough to practice Qigong? Nobody is too old or too young for this meditative practice. In truth, anyone can start their Qigong experience today. 

This exercise, particularly guided by meditation, can be done by practically anyone. You are never too young or too old for this practice. The best part of it is that you can do it alongside your kids. It promises to be a fun way of exercising. 

Qigong is best for those with physical limitations or severe health issues. However, you still have to ask your doctor for approval before you engage in Qigong. This will ensure that you are not pushing your body too hard. 

Qigong is a practice that you can do practically everywhere—indoors or outdoors; it doesn’t really matter. You may choose to experience it alone or share it with a group. 

The practice of Qigong also opens its doors to those who would like to do it early in the morning as well as to those who want to engage in it at night. It comes with styles and movements perfect for morning or night routines.

It can be done for a few minutes each day, or you could stretch it for an hour or two. Either way, your body will gain the benefits that come from it. 

Qigong promises to give you an experience that you will want to repeat again and again. It feels so good in the body that you don’t want another day to pass without it. Start your Qigong experience today. 

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