You Have a Lightbody: Here's How it Works

Hey There!

Well... we've finally reached the finale of our Chakras series.

I know, I know... it's bittersweet, but don't jump off the Nadi train just yet, 'cause we still need to cover the most important thing that ties it all together...

Over the past few weeks we've looked at everything from the Major Chakras everyone loves, the Minor Chakras you may not have known you had, your friendly little rainbow danger noodle the Kundalini and even the Soul Star, higher dimensional Chakras...

Now it's time to look at the thing that connects it all...

The blueprint of your spiritual self... the thing that lays the lines and directs the flow of prana through all of your bodies... the Lightbody itself. 

See, behind all the Chakras and Nadis is a complex system of sacred geometries and vibrational energies that are guiding and protecting your internal spiritual self. 

You know how construction workers build from blueprints? Well, the Lightbody is the blueprint for how our consciousness expresses itself through all the dimensions. It's filled with geometries like Metatron's Cube, Tetrahedrons and Platonic Solids. It's all pretty... lit.

But we're not stopping there... it is the finale after all, so we gotta go out with a bang, right?

In today's video you'll learn:

  • The truth of the Lightbody

  • The different kinds of Merkabah that exist, like the traditional, the 486 Triple Helix, and which one is resonating with you

  • The secret behind seeing the Lightbody and auras

  • How ancient Merkabah Mysticism and the visions of Eziekiel influenced the early church’s ideas about what ascension really means

The truth is though... you already know this, we’re just here to help you remember! 

I know all this talk of geometry and blueprints can be confusing, but it's actually crazy intuitive when you start putting it into practice, I promise. In fact, you could recreate a living Merkabah entirely through Right Brained experiential stuff without knowing all the Left Brained logic, the only condition for all of it is LOVE. 

So, let's get on it and shift into 4D and remember ourselves together...

Love & Light

P.S -if you want a free Chakra meditation that'll prime you for your inevitable Lightbody awakening, check it out HERE. We even wrote it ourselves!


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