Your Multidimensional Chakras: What You Need to Know

And suddenly you will realise: you are in every dot of the universe vanishing and arising. -Amit Ray

We've spent the last couple weeks here looking at the Chakras. I mean really looking. We've looked at our physical ones in this dimension, the lower ones, and even tackled the nadis and pathways of the lightbody...

But haven't you wondered... what kind of chakras would an ascended master have active? What kind of energy centres exist in the Upper Worlds that give us access to our multidimensional self? And what happens to us when they become active?

According to people like Sadhguru, we have 114 chakras -if we include all those minor ones, but that's just this dimension. What happens when we break the final mirror wall and cross into the 4th, 5th or even 6th dimension? 

You may have heard of the Soul Star in some Shamanic systems, the mythical 8th chakra that connects us to our cosmic awareness, but honestly... we could have as many as 22 multidimensional chakras that exist across the planes, probably even more! 

That's what we're talking about this week, and we got our interpretation right here!

Love & Light


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