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Chakras ~ Spirit Science 2 (2021 Remake)

Use the power of the chakras to transform your entire reality forever, click here to discover how:

Way back in 2011, Spirit Science debuted it's second-ever episode - CHAKRAS! Today, that journey returns to a brand new deluxe remake edition. Enjoy!

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Spirit Science 53 ~ The Hero's Journey

spirit science video Jan 04, 2021

We've all heard of the legendary Hero's Journey, the story that has forever shaped the world with its mythical archetypes that basically everyone can relate to... but have you ever heard of it from a Spirit Science perspective?

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 9 ~ Ascension (The Grand Finale!)

Our liberation and transcendence truly happen through revelation. The word itself stems from the meaning "the disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency," as well as “unveiling” or “uncovering” of sorts. And as we’ve seen so far, humanity is undergoing an exponential increase in veils being lifted lately, and we are seeing life being stirred up and changed like never before. One analogy we might use here is as if humanity has been in the dark for so long, isolated by socioeconomic and cultural divides - and yet with modern technology, it would seem as though the lights are collectively turning on - but there is so much light, all at once - that it is blinding to us. Despite our access to so much information today, we are still blind… that is, while we allow time for our eyes to adjust. Yet, the root of revelation doesn’t just speak to veils lifted, but our disclosure from a divine origin.

Belief systems and...

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The Major Arcana ~ Spirit Science 36

spirit science video Dec 23, 2020

For so long, it has been a dream of ours to bring the story of the Major Arcana (The path of the Fool/Child) into a Spirit Science animation, and today we're so excited to share this with you!

Thank you for watching, and please enjoy!

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Spirit Science Pitch Meeting

Step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to the creation of Spirit Science!

Producer Patch: So you have a Youtube series for me?

Screen-writer Patch: Yessir I do, you know what the one thing is that’s missing from Youtube right now?

Producer Patch: I dunno what’s that?

Screen-writer Patch: Videos about Spirituality! 

Producer Patch: Oh ther..there’s none of that on Youtube? 

Screen-writer Patch: Not that I know of, but then again I didn’t look...

Producer Patch: Ooh maybe you should have done that! 

Screen-writer Patch: Yeah I guess so. Whoops!

 Producer Patch: Whoopsie! So what’s the show about?

Screen-writer Patch: Well the idea is this series called Spirit Science, and it features a little blue guy who’s naked and made of stuffing that stands at a podium and teaches about science and spirituality and how they go together.

Producer Patch: Oooo, seems a little risky having a naked guy on youtube, won’t we get...

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 8 ~ The Paradigms of Being

Going deeper into our Conspiracy Theory of Everything, we explore the subject of the Secret Government, the controlling powers that be, and some of the tactics that they use to keep us little, keep us limited, and some of their experiments that have been employed on humanity in order to maintain control.

The series is almost over, but the journey is only just beginning. While some content had to be cut from Youtube due to the impending censorship that would follow, you can access the entire series in Spirit Conspiracies - completely free. 

Finally, we come to the final chapter in our Conspiracy Theory of everything, the point in which everything comes together, all the aspects of our theory weaving together into a new fabric of reality, if only we choose to see and interact with it.. 

You see, every conspiracy theory we’ve discussed so far is nothing more than a reflection of something much more significant - the Holographic Demiurge. We began our journey with the...

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 7 ~ The Great Reset

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic took the earth by storm. Like other cataclysms in history, this virus has devastated our modern society today, facilitating a mass exodus from many workplaces; millions took to the indoors and video-calls to do their jobs, where millions of others lost their jobs entirely. Based on the many's reactions, often facilitated by the media, it would seem as though the pandemic was a deadly killer. Panic and fear swept through mass consciousness… But the question we begin to ask ourselves is… is the fear necessary?

When looking at the science, one might question whether Covid-19 even deserves the tag of “pandemic” at all. According to the US Centre for Disease Control, the updated age-group survival rates for Covid-19 are as follows. Ages 0-19 have a 99.997% chance of survival. Generations 20-49 have a 99.98% chance of survival. Ages 50-69 have a 99.5% chance of survival, and Ages 70+ have a 94.6% chance of survival. These mortality...

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The 7 Hermetic Principles ~ Spirit Science 52

“These words of wisdom, although written by my decaying hand, shall remain imperishable through time; may they be imbued with the medicine of Immortality” -Hermes Trismegistus.

A few miles west of the Nile and just below the tip of its delta lies Sakkara, the necropolis of ancient Memphis, center of Lower Egypt from the days of the pharaohs through to the time of Egypt's Roman conquerors. The ibis, the classy black and white bird in which the God Thoth showed himself, no longer visit the Nile at Memphis, but when the Ptolemies and their Roman successors drank from the holy river, the God's bird still came to its banks in great plenty…... Wisdom is eternal, even if people are not.

While only published in 1908, the Kybalion is a manuscript that claims to be the essence of Hermes Trismegistus's teachings, who -as we’ve talked about before, is believed to be our old pal Thoth. We should be clear that there are several different texts here worth exploring....

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The Conspiracy Theory of Everything 6 ~ The Keys to Ultimate Power

Having talked about the Secret Government, we've begun to get a glimpse into the scenes behind society at large... but things take a strange turn the deeper we go, as many of the mysteries surrounding the Secret Government suggest hidden powers beyond our wildest dreams. If these stories are correct, then the battle for human consciousness may go well beyond just humanity but indeed grab at the ultimate powers of the universe itself. 

Directed Energy Weapons

Over the last several years, the Directed Energy Weapons conspiracy has taken root across the internet. As major fires the previous several years, from California to Australia, speculation that these were not natural fires quickly took the internet by storm, as hundreds of thousands of people shared videos showing what appeared to be a laser-beam striking the area of the fire, often just before the inferno began. These Directed Energy Weapons, shortened now to DEW’s, are believed to be powerful super-weapons using...

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 5 ~ The Secret Government

So far, we have looked at the Demiurge, how the world's population is controlled, ET’s, and even the almost frightening integration with technology… But the question is, Why is this happening? Why is ANY of this happening at all? Is this just the product of a disconnected consciousness run wild? Is there a meaning behind the madness? Is there a definitive end to our suffering? And if we are being led somewhere… by whom? 

Who, if anyone, is at the top of the pyramid? Is it aliens? Reptiles? The Elite? Perhaps there is no single leader, but rather a mass multitude of agendas going in different directions, or is this all just a part of a God’s master plan? Today, the QAnon movement calls it “The Deep State,” and to us, the first time we became aware of it, as mentioned in a book from the early 1990s, the ancient secret of the flower of life. In this book, they were referred to as “The Secret Government.” According to Melchizidek,...

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