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Timeless Stories For a Higher Wisdom

If you're one of those super cool wisdom-seeking master-students on the quest for a higher consciousness, this special collection of Timeless Stories will bring truth, love, and authenticity into your reality! Let's face it, there's a reason so many ancient mystics taught in fables and parables!

For everything else, there's the Spirit Science Starter Kit - a Free Download of even more magical goodies! Click Here to get it now:

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The Top 4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul!!!

In Spring 2020, the whole world went into the longest “two-week temporary shut down” we’ve ever experienced.

It's almost like we completely lost the light-hearted joys of spring and summer seasons as our collective focus shifted a sharp 90 degrees...

But now that we’re in a new year, times are changing, people keep evolving, and it’s FINALLY time to receive the magic of energetic renewal from nature... so you can feel like the vibrant shiny being you really are!

So today, here are our top 4 ways to make the most of the spirit of spring... to release last year's heavy energy & raise your vibration, so you can make this year the best one yet!

And, if you want to go even deeper... and get EXTRA shiny... join us for our LIVE 10-year anniversary online event: The 1 Day Spirit Renewal Experience.

You'll discover (and practice) 4 fundamental magickal tools that cleanse & boost your spirit almost instantly...

Which are ESSENTIAL for spiritual people to...

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How Symbols Rule Our Minds

Did you know Spirit Science has a Podcast? Click here to check it out! -

Symbols are everywhere, literally all around us. Every day you probably see hundreds, if not more... From letters to logos, symbols can represent very large or very simple concepts, but what you may not know, is the root forces at the heart of every single symbol! Watch on, and find out!

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at


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We May Have Created a Monster...

You can get a free download of the Patch Tarot Starter Kit, and begin working with these energies with grace and ease! Click Here to download it now:

In today's Spirit Stream, I am called to share with you a true story about a video that we made, airing soon - all about the Qliphoth - The Tree of Death - and how it MAY be a cursed video... What's worse, we're about to unleash it unto the world... Oops!

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How To Be When Life Gets You Down... ~ Spirit Stream

Are you struggling with your emotional harmony? Click here to learn how to master your emotional body today:

Today's spirit stream is about the ebb and flow of life, the up and the down, and how to ride the wave on the down-swings, which is just as important as when we're on the up-and-up.

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The Tree of Death (WARNING: CURSED VIDEO!)

spirit science video Feb 28, 2021

SERIOUS WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS PROBABLY CURSED! ----- We do not know what, if anything, could happen if you watch it. For us, a neverending stream of weird events transpired in the making of this video, and so we felt compelled to warn you at the very beginning!

If you want to learn how to use Tarot to work with these energies in a safe way (the only way we ever learned how to do it) - I would recommend watching this video here:

This video continues our Tree of Life series! The official title is "Spirit Science 35 (Part 5) ~ The Tree of Death". You can watch the full playlist here:

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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How to Access the Higher Chakras!

Break into the Higher Chakras using the Seven-Day Transformation, it only takes a week to change EVERYTHING in your life! ~

Our journey into the Chakras continues with the Higher Centers, and the Black-Mirror Wall that stops us from getting there! In this episode, learn where you are at in your chakras, and how to attain a higher truth and inner knowing.

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at


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SSL AT Clip 2 - A talk about art and Painting

Get your copy of the 2021 Almanac of the New Age, and start 2021 off with a super high vibration! Here's the link:

To watch the full podcast episode, visit:

Annie is an Australian artist on a mission to inspire you to look within, as she believes all the answers to your questions are found in your inner world. She started her business DreamyMoons in 2016, initially created to inspire her to paint more when she felt like she lost touch with her creative side. What was created simply for inspiration, turned into the most fulfilling full time job she could ever ask for. Through making art again, she connected with her inner child and fulfilled her childhood dreams of creating books.

To check out more of Annie, visit:

The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of...

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The Process of Activating your Chakras

If you're looking to master your body of consciousness, discover the secrets of Esoteric Emotional Mastery -

Our remake of the Chakra series returns with Part 2 ~ The Lower Chakras - in which we explore the journey into higher consciousness, by mastering our root frequencies...

This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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Spirit Science Guy Slams Politicians on the Evolution of Consciousness

spirit science video Feb 04, 2021

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This video was filmed at Spurrell and Associates live event "Beat the Odds at Business" in Edmonton, mid-November 2020. It was an amazing event, and I'm so grateful to Josh for having me out! Learn more about Spurrell and Associates at:

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