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Rebirth of the Oak King: Welcoming Yuletide!

The Holly King is gone, and the  Oak King now reigns
Yule is the time of the old winter gods!
Hail to Baldur! To Saturn! To Odin!
Hail to Amaterasu! To Demeter!
Hail to Ra! To Horus!
Hail to Frigga, Minerva Sulis and Cailleach Bheur!
It is their season, and high in the heavens,
may they grant us their blessings on winters day

Following on from the Solstice, many of you may not know that tonight is the Traditional beginning of the Yuletide... although let's be honest, we've probably all been getting into the spirit for a while.

Today, “Yule” and “Yuletide” are pretty synonymous with Christmas and Christmastide, but the meaning behind Yule is quite different from that of the Christian holiday.

The word “Yule” itself comes from Old English geol, which shares a history with the Old Norse, jól. Both these words referred to a Midwinter Festival centred around the Winter Solstice, which traditionally marked the halfway point of the...

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