Patch Parables ~ The Parable of the Lute

The parable of the lute is a lesson that comes from Buddha. A long time ago, the Buddha was living on a mountain called Vulture Peak.

During this time, a man named Sona was living down in the cool forest below. While meditating, this thought came to him: I am an energetic student of Buddha, yet my mind has not found freedom.

Buddha heard this thought within his own mind and set off Vulture Peak to find Sona. The Buddha found him within the forest very quickly and approached Sona. He asked him if he just had this thought that he heard in his head. Sona replied that did, in fact, have this thought.

Buddha continued on, asking Sona if when the strings on his lute were too tight, was it easily playable? Sona said, “Certainly not, Buddha.”

The Buddha pressed on, asking if when the strings on his lute were too loose, was it then easily playable? Sona replied with another no.

Finally, Buddha asked when the strings on the lute weren’t too tight or too loose, then was it able to be played properly? Sona said yes in response.

The Buddha then explained how this is connected to energy. If our energy is too strong, it leads to restlessness. If energy is too loose, it then leads to weariness. It is all about the balance between the two, focusing your energy purposefully will lead to the spiritual awareness Sona was seeking.

This parable represents our personal energy flow. When we apply it to our own mentality, we can see that we need to be balanced. If we are wound too tight, we can become agitated and angry easily. On the other hand, if we are too loose in our energy, we can become too weak.

When we can balance the energies within us, we are able to focus both internally and externally much more easily.



Credits Music: Happiness by Super Junior
Background music: Iwasaki Taku

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