Spirit Science 0 ~ A Vision of the Future

This special episode of Spirit Science takes a step back to look at the series as a whole and describes a new vision moving forward for all of us as a global family.

We believe it is very much possible to create heaven on Earth, where everyone can live in harmony with one another, despite our different views and ways of life. This video describes what this future could look like, and how we can start to create it, both collectively and individually tangibly.

We have created a road map to this future, using sacred geometry, which we applied to the light spectrum and compared it to different spiritual systems and esoteric practices. Each level builds off the one before it, so as we move up the levels, we continuously create a more solid foundation as we go.

The first layer is the root – it embodies all of our physical health and how to get grounded in the world around us. This allows us to shift from surviving to thriving as we address the root issues of fear and turn it into faith. These topics will include things like diet and nutrition, exercise, yoga, and different healing practices like massage and acupuncture.

The next layer focuses on emotional health, which naturally flows after establishing a healthy physical foundation. This section looks at how we connect with our own emotional bodies and the interactions between us and those in our lives. The more grounded we are, the abler we become to help others, practice forgiveness, and be emotionally available to everyone around us.

Moving up on the spectrum, we come to the realm of our mental health! This is where we observe our thoughts and begin to understand the sheer power behind them. At this level, we explore the depths of our minds and the mental patterns we have created, as well as how to break free from them.

Then we get to the heart! From here, everything becomes a lot more interconnected. We will start to explore spiritual health, how to truly practice empathy, forgiveness, and seeing everyone as a reflection of us. This section will include different meditations, the use of crystals, and what it means to really live from the heart.

From here, we move into the fifth level, exploring deeper into philosophy and ancient teachings. This level will focus on topics like the Hermetica, the Emerald Tablets, and other mystic texts. It will dive into astrology, the history of mankind, and many different ancient insights. This level is about perfecting the communication between us and others as we explore these types of ideas.

The sixth level is a representation of the cosmos itself. This section looks at the very geometric building blocks of reality. It will explore things like quantum physics, sacred geometry, the elements, astronomy, chemistry, and the many different avenues of science. This merges the ideas of science and spirit to truly bring a new understanding of what is possible in our reality.

Finally, the last level is all about unity! This is where we harmonize all the previous levels and combine our entire understanding – from root to crown. This is the expansion of our awareness to new heights; from here, we are able to transcend the limited view of the ego and begin to create collectively to bring this vision of the future to fruition.

This is where our ascension will really begin to take place.

As we continue to grow and evolve, this road map will change as well. It is important to adapt and shift as life is always in a state of change. We look forward to co-creating this heaven on Earth with you, as it will take all of us working together to really make the change that we’re all longing for!

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