Spirit Science 21 ~ Toroidal Flow

This episode explains what toroidal geometry is, and how it’s a fundamental part of literally everything in reality. A torus is a self-organizing system of energy and geometry that flows through itself constantly. It can be found everywhere in nature, in ourselves and even in the cosmos!

Our hearts have their own toroidal fields around them, which emanates around us and interact energetically with the external reality. The earth itself has a huge field around it, which has been seen scientifically as it’s an electromagnetic field. The shape of an apple forms a torus around its core and even the Oort cloud around our solar system is a torus yet again, even the milky way is wrapped in a toroidal field!

The flower of life is also a torus field when seen in 3D. When we open ourselves up into a state of giving and receiving, we are in the flow of our torus and can use it in our daily lives. Sending love to someone through whatever means is a way of connecting your torus field to theirs. On a level of healing, there is also an incredible way to utilize our torus field.

In China, there are entire hospitals dedicated to healing through prana, chi and different forms of energy. There is a mind-blowing clip in this episode of a woman’s tumor being shrunk solely through people chanting a mantra.

This clip alone is incredible and deserves its own video, but this is just one out of many forms of proof that we can truly heal ourselves using our own energetic fields.

The center of the torus is the singularity, it is the focal point of Source energy itself where all creation stems from. This point exists within our hearts and within the center of the cosmos as well. When we can tap into these deep levels of existence and practice staying in a state of love, truly anything is possible.



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