Spirit Science 24 ~ Black Holes

What are black holes? This episode explores the many different possibilities because we still aren’t completely sure! Some scientific institutions describe them as giant vacuums in space.

However, black holes do not have the structure of a vacuum, they instead seem to act as gigantic singularities. In the center of a black hole is a space with no volume, but infinite gravity. It is so dense that light can’t escape its pull. This is an exciting revelation because it means there is something faster than light!

Patchman hypotheses that at the center point of a light photon, infinity might be present, just like in the center of a black hole.

One way to describe black holes in a way that seems to make sense is through the model of a torus. It’s constantly taking energy in and emitting energy out simultaneously, and this model can be applied to ourselves as well. From something like a whirlpool, an atom or a galaxy, they all have a toroidal flow spinning around them.

Black holes may also act as wormholes to other universes and dimensions. If we were able to go through one, it could be like a tunnel to many different parallel universes that all connect through a singularity.

When we pass the event horizon, our vision and understanding are completely thrown out the window. But what if it wasn’t? In an episode of cosmos, Neil Degrasse Tyson explores this concept beautifully.

As above, so below. This ancient hermetic wisdom applies to all aspects of our life, and especially black holes! Remembering though that this is all theory, no recent human scientist have come anywhere close to a black hole so all of our data and understanding on this topic comes from the instruments we are using to view reality, which is very limited. Though by using these tools we can now start to find the evidence to support the ancient spiritual knowledge, that all life is one!


Stephen Hawking on Black Holes – The Guardian Presentation (2013)

Black Whole – Nassim Haramein

The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies

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