Spirit Science 33_3 ~ Meat and Health

Our next focus in this series is centered around meat and health. This video starts by acknowledging why we’re focusing on these topics, rather than astral projection or different dimensions. In a simple sense, we can’t experience these higher levels of reality if we are all sick. It drastically lowers our vibration and allows us to only experience a sliver of what the higher realms have to offer.

This is one of the more controversial topics because of many conflicting studies. Are animal products good for us? Are they bad? We’ve gathered information from an array of places to disseminate the whole picture.

Generally, meat is split up into four groups: Processed, Red, White and Organic meats.

Processed food, as we know, is the most deadly. Many factories take different scraps of meat, throw them together with different additives and sell them as food.

Red meat comes from animals like cows, lambs, and pigs. They considered nutrient-rich but are also high in saturated fat which clogs arteries and is not very healthy in excess.

Next is white meat. These are meats that come from different birds and some fish too. These are generally considered more healthy as they are leaner and have less fat.

Finally, there is organic meat. These are meats from animals that haven’t been given hormones and are grass-fed. If there is any type of meat you are going to eat, this is the most ideal form.

It seems though, even though there are worse meats and healthier meats, all meat, in general, can still raise cancer risks, and this is very relative to the Heme Iron in the meat, which is carcinogenic to our bodies when meat is cooked. There are several other main reasons why meat is unhealthy as well, of which are outlined in this video.

There is a myth that we need a certain, high level of protein in our diets that need to come from animal products. This is very untrue, as a wide range of vegetables has the same, if not more protein in them, in this video we go over a big list of high protein plant-based sources.

Many nutritionists say that about 50 – 70 grams a day, or 500 grams a week of meat is the ideal amount you’d want to eat if you feel like you need it at all. This is about three burgers a week. However, more and more scientists are coming out saying that it might be better to just cut it out of your diet entirely.



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