Couples Yoga: A Step Towards A Healthy Relationship


More and more people are becoming interested in practicing yoga, and there’s a good reason for this. Some of the benefits of yoga include relieving stress, feeling calmer, and having a more toned body. You’ll also notice that you’re much stronger and more flexible than ever, both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice can also help treat insomnia and even prevent diabetes.  

If you think of it, yoga is traditionally something that’s done individually. You can practice correct breathing and stretch on your yoga mat, and simply enjoy the present moment. But the benefits you can get from yoga could go beyond getting a healthier body and mind. You can also try beginners couples yoga, which you can do with your significant other. 

What Is Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga is also called partner yoga, and the idea is that you and your yoga partner will perform yoga positions for two. Through this practice, you can strengthen your trust and communication with one another. Partner yoga poses can help your bodies and your relationship become much healthier. 

You can think of couples yoga as a workshop where you and your partner develop a better relationship with each other. Unlike doing yoga next to your partner, couples yoga requires you to work together so you can successfully achieve the various positions that you need to do. 

Practicing prana yoga and other types of yoga will benefit you and your partner, from relieving anxiety to enjoying more intimacy with each other. Let’s dive in and see what other advantages you can enjoy from performing couples yoga. 

Benefits Of Partner Yoga

The benefits that you can get from yoga practice are many, including physical, emotional, and mental. With couples yoga, you can enjoy even more positive effects because it helps to make your relationship with your partner even stronger. Here are some of the advantages of practicing partner yoga. 

It reduces your stress and anxiety

Almost all types of yoga have this benefit of reducing your stress and anxiety. With couples yoga, you and your partner will feel this effect even more because of each other’s caring touch. The way you touch your partner greatly helps in providing relief from whatever it is that’s bothering him or her. 

With regular practice, couples yoga will surely keep stressful thoughts at bay. Your body will loosen up, which is good for those times when you feel so tense. Your mind will also relax, knowing that you have your significant other to support you both in yoga and in life. 

You’ll feel more satisfied with the relationship

Try attending a yoga class for couples with your significant other to enjoy more satisfaction in your relationship. You may be wondering how that works. Studies show that whenever couples go through a new activity that’s challenging, then they will also feel a boost in the quality of their relationship as well as on their attraction for each other. 

When you and your partner are learning a new skill together, you’ll spend time having fun and simply slowing down. You’re spending time together doing something meaningful. And since yoga increases your mindfulness, you become more attentive and aware of what you have at the moment, including your partner and your relationship with him or her. 

Doing yoga poses with your significant other can energize your connection, which makes you feel more satisfied with your relationship. 

You’ll enjoy more intimate sex life

Partner yoga also helps in increasing arousal as well as sexual satisfaction. If you’re struggling with sexual dysfunction, give couples yoga a try. While couples yoga is not a sexual activity, because you’re synching your movements, postures, and breathing with your partner, it increases intimacy and connection. 

This type of yoga can help you enjoy a more intimate sex life because you’re practicing a kind of communication done through movement and touch. Most of the issues that couples have are taking root from the feeling that they’re out of sync or are disconnected from one another. 

By regularly doing partner yoga, couples can experience renewed energy when it comes to their sex life, which in turn, strengthens their relationship even more. 

Better communication between couples

For couples to successfully perform the yoga poses, they have to depend on one another. They also have to communicate constantly, both through verbal and non-verbal ways. This type of yoga requires its participants to trust and support each other. 

Non-verbal communication is crucial in relationships. It’s a way for couples to express their affection without the need for words. Touch allows partners to say how much they love, care, and appreciate one another. So, the next time you’re at a loss for the right words to express how you feel for your partner, try a warm embrace. 

Try Couples Yoga With This Simple Pose

Don’t think that yoga is hard to do. Some poses are great for beginners, and they’re very simple. For this exercise, you’re going to sit back to back and perform a breathing exercise. Here are the steps you need to take to do this yoga position. 


  1. Sit in a cross-legged position, back to back with your partner. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position. 
  2. Rest your backs against each other.
  3. Maintain a straight back and shoulders. Relax your shoulders while maintaining this position. 
  4. Now, begin to breathe in an alternating manner. Whenever your partner inhales, you exhale. Take deep breaths. 
  5. You can do this three times with ten breaths for each repetition. 

You’ve just performed couples yoga! See? It’s not that difficult as you think. Of course, there are more advanced poses. What’s important here is that you exercise mindfulness and how to be in a relaxed state. Continue to practice this technique, and you’ll feel a much deeper connection with your significant other. 

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