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articles numerology Nov 13, 2020

What do you know about how the world works? Everything in the Universe vibrates at a specific frequency. Whether it is animate or inanimate objects, natural or plastic, all these come with their own vibrations. 

While this may not seem like they are directly connected to numerology, they reveal a lot to someone trying to learn numerology

What Does Numerology Mean?

Power numbers numerology means that all the power in this practice rests in the numbers of a person's life. When you know the number's vibration, it is easier to uncover the qualities associated with that number. Here are some amazing facts about numbers that will surprise you:

Fact 1: All the numbers in your life rests in a particular vibration

All the numbers in your life, including your time of birth, the date, as well as the month that you were born, all come with a numerical value. Each one has its vibration that contributes to the energy you have flowing in your life. 

Through these numbers, you will be able to gain insight into why your life is such and how you can go through it with more patience and gratitude. 

Fact 2: Your name comes with a particular vibration too

How do you get the vibrations from your name? In the numerology chart, each letter of your name comes with its number. The numerical value assigned to each one reminds you of the information that you are to unlock about yourself. 

Many things about you are waiting to be discovered, and numerology can help you through it. 

Fact 3: Numerology was discovered thousands of years ago

While its roots are associated with Pythagoras, many people believe that many experts before the "Father of Numerology" practiced it but never as a discipline to learn more about people and their lives. 

This Greek metaphysician and mathematician is usually studied in geometry class, but his roots come from numbers. Pythagoras found a good combination in his love of metaphysics with his passion for math to create the practice of numerology. 

What Are The Areas of Study In Numerology?

The life path number is the first you should know

It represents the journey you take on in this lifetime. It is about who you are and the purpose that you have in this life. Your life path number also reveals the numbers that you need to help you uncover your hidden talents and gifts. In order to determine what your life path number is, all you need is to add the numbers of your date of birth, and that's it. 

The soul urge number is spiritual

The soul urge number has something great to do with the spiritual aspect of your being. It also has something to do with your ethics and values and who you are at the soulful level. It is highly important that you know how it is used in numerology analysis to unlock your potential. 

The soul urge number of your life can be calculated based on the assigned value for every vowel of your full birth name. You simply have to add them up. In an instant, you have access to the most soulful number in your life. 

The karmic number is your destiny

The karmic number speaks of your hopes, desires, and fears. This is the number that allows you to determine what you are meant to do in your life. When you are trying to figure out what career path to take, these numbers will show you the right direction to a bright future. It will reveal to you the kind of future that you need to have for yourself. 

The expression number is all about your talents

What are you good at? Your expression number will reveal your talents as well as the other amazing things you can do. If you want to find out how you can become creative and how to improve yourself, this is the number that will show you the right way. Every letter of your legal name comes with its value. When you add them all up, you can get the expression number that the universe assigned you with. 

What Does It Mean To Do Numerology?

When you trust the process that numerology presents, you will see how your life numbers reveal a lot. The numbers on their own may mean so much. Each one comes with its value. 

A daily numerology reading will serve as a guide in how you live your life. Although you don't need to be dependent on it, the process helps you see that there are many things that you can do with your life. 

If only you will look into what it allows you to see, you will realize that your life numbers come with various meanings. At the end of the day, when you give value to what the numbers mean, that's the time you will see how it can bring light into your life. 

Numerology works in various ways, and you can make it work in your life too. The first step is always to believe in how it does its magic. The second is to learn the ways on how it can be done appropriately. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to your life, nobody else can tell you what you can or cannot do. Others can give suggestions, but it is truly your opinion that matters. Whatever you choose to decide, that will be how your life will be like.

If you listen to what others have to say, then do so with confidence. If you put your trust in numerology, then you have to give it the change to show you how it can lead you to the right path. 

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