Find Out How To Balance Your Chakras With Food

Do you ever feel unconfident, down, or just plain lazy? Perhaps you’ve been working yourself too hard and have been under a lot of stress, and that’s why you’re so sluggish. With all the pressure at work and home, it is no surprise that the different chakras in your body have become blocked. 

While rest and recreation are the secrets to helping your body overcome these feelings, sometimes, people turn to medicines to help their body regain strength. There are others who turn to therapy for help. 

All these options can help you get better. When you are back on your feet, you can conquer the world again. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get yourself motivated again without needing any medical help?

What Does Food Do To The Body?

You must have heard of the benefits of eating rainbow foods. The philosophy behind it is pretty simple. All you need is to bring in more colorful foods into your diet, and it will take your body to a whole new level of healing. 

When coupled with regular meditation and regular exercise, you can do something to help your body achieve the healing that you want it to. When it comes to chakra foods, there are certain food groups options, depending on what you need the healing for. 

The chakra guide provides a list of certain color foods that help people realign themselves emotionally. So, which chakra fruit should you be eating today? It is best to be guided with the proper chakra diet that the experts have come up with. 

They have a list of the foods and their colors that will encourage a particular type of healing within the body. 

Which Foods Should You Eat For Healing?

Every food item that you put inside your body affects everything in it. If you continue to eat junk and drink soda every day, you cannot expect your body to find healing. While these and other sweet treats may give you temporary pleasure, they do not really help your body find healing. 

If you’re wondering what foods can be good for your body, here’s a list of colored foods to help the body find true healing.

Red is the color of energy

Food items that belong to this group target the root chakra, and if you are feeling down and lazy, go ahead and enjoy a serving of fresh apples, strawberries, raspberries, and beets. They give the body enough energy to survive burnout and fatigue. Give your body the boost of energy that it needs to achieve the right body temperature. This will ensure that you will have enough energy to last through the day. 

Orange is the color of confidence

If you are suffering from self-doubt or feeling unworthy of any kind of love, it is best to treat yourself to a bunch of oranges. Foods that come in the color orange give you a sense of confidence and a lot of self-love, targeting the creativity chakra. Mangoes, carrots, squash, mandarins, and pumpkins can bring about a huge impact on your emotional health. You’d be surprised at how much more open you can be when it comes to talking about your feelings. 

Yellow is the color of joy

Yellow foods help target the solar plexus chakra. If you feel a bit sad, depressed, and frustrated, it is best to give yourself some bananas, pineapples, and some sweet corn on a cob. Observe yourself after eating these yellow fruits and vegetables. There will be remarkable changes in your body. Yellow fruits are a natural mood enhancer. So if you feel a bit low and feel like you need a bit of joy in your life, skip the meds or the alcohol. Go and get yourself something naturally yellow. 

Green is for rejuvenation

Green foods are best eaten for the heart chakra. Whenever you are stressed or overworked, green foods help give your body its much needed vital energy. If you can throw your favorite greens in the juicer, or perhaps you can put together a green salad. Then, observe what happens to your mood or your feelings. Most likely, the healthy enzymes found in green leafy vegetables have melted away the toxins in your body. The oxygen, chlorophyll, and live enzymes all contribute to helping you achieve a healthier body. 

Blue and black are for calming

Are you worried about something? Or perhaps you are feeling anxious about what the future may bring? Whenever you find yourself in this situation, it is best to prepare a bowl of blueberries or blackberries. These blue and blackberries are perfect for helping detoxify the kidneys. In the process, you are able to develop good communication skills, finding it in you to elicit honest communications. 

Violet is the color of peace

Violet foods are perfect for the third eye chakra. These are the foods that help bring you peace. Whenever you are feeling frustrated or angry, these are the food items that will help you find the energy deep within to forgive others and let go of your unresolved issues. Purple kale, eggplant, purple carrots, and the concord grapes are perfect food items for peace and calming. Whip up a fresh cup of smoothie with all your favorite foods in it. 

White is the color of strength

White foods are perfect for bringing healing for the crown chakra. These food items include mushrooms, ginger, onion, garlic, coconut, and lychee. Whenever you eat these foods, you will feel like you have enough strength or power to do all the things that you need. If you are feeling low and defeated by all the responsibilities and stress that come from those around you, enjoy some white foods, and feel the rush of energy. You’ll be surprised at the surge of inner strength that has always been there. 

What’s Your Takeaway?

Eating right will always be good for your body. When you know what to eat, you will know what to expect too. 

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