How To Activate Your Intuition With Tarot


How intuitive are you? This may be a shocking question to receive, not because you think you are not an intuitive person. Instead, it may catch you by surprise because you never really give your intuitive talents any serious thought.

Intuition is your gut feeling. It is that old and wise part of yourself that connects you to the invisible spirits and energies all around you. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your intuition will hint at what’s going to happen before it occurs.

What Makes Intuition Different From Your Intellect?

Your intellect gives you the capacity to see things as they are. Your mind interprets the information you are getting and turns them into messages. Your intellect is in charge of your daily rational and irrational decisions.

Your intuition, on the other hand, describes what your senses feel. It is in charge of interpreting what the energies around you are trying to say. It highlights the message from these energies and turns them into physical sensations, often referred to as a “gut feeling.” 

Some people usually downplay the concept of intuition, dismissing it as a mere hunch. With a heightened strength of intuition, you will be able to decipher what could happen in the future, depending on your decisions.

Your intuitive sense will help you decide how to feel and not just what to think in its purest form. 

For example, you meet someone who is dressed nice, well-mannered, and shows you kindness. In an instant, your intellect will say that you are in front of a good person. 

However, there are times when your intuition tells you otherwise. You will have that gut feeling telling you that you should not trust this person, no matter how they look or act. This uneasiness that you feel around that person is something that will remain indescribable for some time. 

But it has to count for something. After all, this gut feeling is your body’s way of telling you that you might be in trouble for associating with this person. 

Is it reasonable to judge people based on what your gut says? At this point, this is not the mere judgment of a personality. It is about taking precautions when you can. 

How Do You Develop Intuition With Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards have helped many people in terms of romance, finance, and careers. While they may only be the first step in heightening your intuition, they can be beneficial, especially in decision making. 

While some people wonder how to develop psychic abilities, there are others that choose to meditate to achieve a quiet mind. It allows them enough space to develop their intuition, making them hear what their inner being is trying to say. 

One of the best ways to activate intuition is through regular meditation and personal tarot readings. The cards can help you interpret the energies around you. Here are some steps to help you do it:

Step 1: Find your quiet space

Meditation is the time when you try to quiet yourself and your thoughts. To begin with, you have to find yourself some quiet time. Sit down and free yourself from all the worries. Listen to the chirping of the birds outside your window. Maybe you can imagine the sound of flowing water in a small brook. A zen-inspired garden would be a perfect space for meditation. 

Step 2: Put yourself in a relaxing position

You may choose to sit upright on the chair with your feet flat on the floor. Or you could sit on the floor with your back straight as your hands rest on your lap. Any position for meditation will do, as long as you are comfortable at it. 

Step 3: Find inner peace

When you are worried about too many things, it is impossible to quiet the mind. There’s nothing wrong with a perfectly working mind. What you need to remind yourself instead is that your mind needs to rest and relax a bit too. It can always resume its incessant ramblings later. 

You may start by thanking your mind for all the hard thinking that it has been doing. The worrying isn’t helping you or your mind in any way. So forgive yourself for taking a break. You know you need it. 

Step 4: Set your intentions before you begin your tarot reading

Let your intuition know what you intend to achieve before you begin your tarot card reading. It is crucial that you tell yourself that you are there, present, and willing to listen to what the Universe and your body wants to tell you.

Learning how to interpret tarot cards and the message it conveys relies mainly on how strong your intuition is. 

With the use of a tarot card, you can set your intentions and perhaps revolve your meditation practice around what the card is trying to reveal. 

Step 5: Practice deep breathing

Within a minute or two, take deep breaths. There’s no need to change your breathing. All you need is to observe. Feel every breath you take and the air that you release from your body. 

This is one way your body is communicating with you. Notice how your mind seems to relax after taking several deep breaths. Every exhale you make also seems to breathe out all the tension from your body. 

How Does Tarot Reading Increase Your Intuition? 

Tarot reading can be quite a challenge in the beginning. Quieting the mind is usually the most difficult to do. But once you complete your first tarot reading exercise, you’ll just want to do more. 

Perhaps it is your spiritual intuition that got tapped when you started tarot reading. Or maybe it just felt like you know yourself more now than you ever did 

Tarot reading opened the doors for you to develop your intuition. By strengthening that part of yourself, you were able to open yourself up to more possibilities. 

Not only were you able to reach a level of understanding of your thoughts and emotions, but you were also able to establish a good path to discovering more about life

There is a lot about tarot that you can do and improve. All you need is an open mind to do it and an open heart to make things happen. 

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