How To Be More Accepting Of Other People

articles lifestyle Sep 18, 2020

Recall that any emotion that you are feeling is a communication from you to you of a perspective that you are holding about yourself.

Being accepting of other people is natural and effortless. When we talk about taking, we are speaking about being more present and removing the things that we've added on to our perspective-judgment. The primary compulsion to NOT accept another comes from experience—either explicitly or implicitly—and that is based in some form of comparison, or a relativistic "observation."

Avoid The Observation Trap 

Your energy flows where your attention goes. If you look for differences, which is what comparing two things or ideas or people is based on, you will find them. This is often called "observing," and this definition can be cancerous because "We are just observing! So it's ok. We are not judging."

Realize that we all chose to be here and all choose the lives that we create, without exception, and realize that this choice is individually essential for the evolution of each person, including and uniquely you. Apply this perspective each time you find yourself judgmentally looking into other life choices.

Try To Avoid Judging For One Day

Experiment with being proactively and unconditionally accepting of every person for just one day. See how you feel and see what shows up in your life that day and the day after. Notice your energy levels. You will see the following things: more opportunities, more energy, more joy, more feeling of flowing. Being accepting of others is the metaphysical statement of allowing all chances to be equal. When all opportunities (people) are similar, the path of least resistance can be more easily revealed to you. When you remove resistance to other people, you remove it within yourself as well. Then, at the end of your day/two days, write out your experience in detail so as not to forget the impact!

Love Those Who Frustrate You

Repeat, "I unconditionally love and accept this person" to anyone that you are feeling, at the moment, a sense of frustration towards. Remember that even when it appears that someone is doing something TO you, they are not, and you are choosing that experience. Recognizing that you've selected that experience will compel you to accept it. Using a simple mantra repetitively until you FEEL that way will start to turn the tide of your flow of energy into the direction that you desire.

Again, one of the biggest traps is telling yourself that you are not judging someone, but rather that you are observing them. Using this tool and stopping the judgment of others will significantly increase your ability to accept others and allow more love and joy into your life.

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