Sound Like You Know What You Are Talking About

articles energy updates Apr 08, 2020

Sounding like you know what you are talking about is as easy as admitting when you don't know what you're talking about.

We tend to "pretend" because we are afraid of what someone else thinks. It's important to realize that we are ALWAYS playing a role; we are always performing a character. The more that we judge ourselves because of the nature of the character we are playing at that time, the more inauthentic we feel.

The solution is to accept that we are always performing a role, and as you bring more of yourself into that role, the more you will sound (and look) like you know what you are talking about.

Get into your character

Boom. Wake up. You're in a simulated reality, right now. You've got an avatar, and you can express that avatar however you'd like. Some things feel better than others, and you'll use that feeling to determine better what that character evolves into.

This is not far from the truth.

Where we see resistance in ourselves is when we feel like what we are doing is not a fit.  Our job, our relationship, our lifestyle.  We have these moments of sobering up to the reality of our choices, and these are times to redirect into a more aligned path.

In doing so in conjunction with a spiritual awakening, however, there are some complications of spiritual judgment.

We have seen within ourselves and within others the tendency to not want to decide on what character we WILL play.  Simply dropping the baggage of a "3rd-dimensional life" is painful unless you are stepping directly into a new one, a new character.

So, when we are being given the feedback - either directly or indirectly - that we do not have credibility, authority, or we just don't know what we are talking about, this is a reflection of our lack of embodiment in the role that we are choosing.

If we want to sound like we know what we are talking about, we have to choose a character to play and play it well.

If you feel authentic, you are genuine

What others perceive about you and your authenticity has nothing to do with your perception.

Once you step into a new character - a new job, a new relationship, a new lifestyle - there is an adjustment period - A time of transition where you shed the remains of the old world and, sometimes awkwardly, put on the cloak of your preferred character.

You will notice the difference between being courageous and feeling inauthentic.  Courage is required.  Inauthenticity is not.

When you feel authentic, you are stepping closer to a genuine expression of yourself.  And that radiance is palpable in terms of your credibility.

You are worthy and empowered to be who you want to be

The ego will play the self-doubt card with you, for sure.  

When you begin to be and express more of yourself, the ego, which, perhaps, you have relied upon for your safety and security for most of your life, will feel neglected.  You no longer need crutches to walk your path, and the ego will use the idea that you are not worthy in order to coax you back into scarcity.

Don't be fooled! (and don't judge the process)

Understand that the idea that you must be worthy - validated by an external thought - in order to express yourself authentically is a complete illusion.  Smoke and mirrors.  Not an ounce of rationality or truth.

Stepping further into your empowerment will blow away these tactics from the ego.

Get obsessed and get learning

We had a Spirit Science friend that wanted to be an entrepreneur - start his own business - but did not extend this desire out of the philosophical/theoretical. He spent years talking about business ideas, but never actually doing it.

The technical details of how a character moves into that reality are required to be understood. We cant manifest our desired life without thoughtful and intentional and consistent action.

Once this person removed the doubt they had in themselves, they were able to be obsessed. There was no judgment of staying up all night reading and writing and planning. It just felt right and therefore was in alignment with the intention.

He learned a very desired skill - supply chain management - and created a consulting business for recycling and eco-friendly waste facilities to optimize their processes.  He is now extremely wealthy, living a life of financial and geographical freedom.  All because he authentically got into his character, found his empowerment, and became a master of just one thing.

Nobody condemns him, now, for not knowing what he is talking about.

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