How To Deal With Tasks That You Don't Want To Do


When you have a task on hand that you really don't want to do, how do you make yourself do it? Sometimes, when you tell yourself to suck it up, it works. Your fear of failure or of getting in trouble with your higher-ups is enough to motivate you. 

However, there are other times when you procrastinate and decide to push the task to a later time. You think you have a lot of time in your hands to do it . . . until you don't. Instead, you need to teach yourself how to motivate your mind and push forward to complete the task. 

Why Are There Tasks You Don't Like?

Procrastinating at work has become a common problem among office people. They put off doing the work that needs to be done for several reasons. Some say that they are in no mood to work and that the feeling will just pass. But then when this behavior goes on for days, weeks, and months, time is no longer on their side. 

But why are there tasks that people simply dislike doing? It could be any of the reasons listed below. 

Perhaps you don't like it because you are afraid of failing

The fear of failing can put many people in a difficult situation. They put off doing something because they fear that doing it for the first time will eventually result in failure. They keep forgetting that it is in failure that learning truly happens. 

You dislike the task because it is something new

Dealing with something new can indeed bring about feelings of anxiety. This anxiety can fuel your desire to stay in your comfort zone. But how do you learn anything if you stay in the same place?

Maybe you don't like doing it because you think it is hard

Anything new can be scary, but it does not always mean that it's hard to do. Sometimes, you need to see the beauty of getting your hands dirty to truly appreciate what it has to offer. 

Life would be so easy if you came to work every day and loved what you do. Each moment spent in the office would be like spending time in heaven. 

However, reality sucks, and the truth is that there will always be tasks that you hate doing, but you have to do. Unless you work on them, they will never get done. If nobody took on the duties that no one wants to do, humanity would not be basking in everything that technology provides today. 

What Do You Do If You Don't Like The Task?

How do you deal with a task that you don't like to do? Maybe you need to make a shift in your perspective. "The things that motivate me should be the things that make me learn something new." This should be your new mantra. 

You can always run away and give in to distraction. But you are only going to make things worse. You should choose to deal with it and get it over and done with. 

So how do you get things done?

Think about why you need to do it

Instead of giving in to distraction, take a moment to think about why you need to do it. Are you getting paid to do it? Is your boss asking you to do it? While the answers to these questions are important, maybe you could rephrase and ask these instead. What is the task trying to accomplish? Who will benefit from its outcome? 

If you are tasked to do the dishes, you might think that it's a dirty job. You might want someone else to do it. Then again, when you rephrase your mindset and think about how clean dishes can help people eat safely, you will see the deeper purpose of what you do. 

Look into what you are worried about

What is stopping you from doing the task? Why don't you want to do it? If it is fear, then you have to look closely at what is scaring you about this task. Are you afraid of failure? Do you fear embarrassment for not getting it right the first time? The fear is what is causing discomfort and confusion. Take a moment and look into what this fear is all about. Teach yourself to overcome it. Allow yourself to accept the outcomes no matter what they may be. Instead of running away from the task, deal with it the best way you can. 

Accept that the situation is never ideal

Even if the job you have to do is challenging, you may think that it will be easy to learn something new from it. But, you have to stop fantasizing that you're going to get it right the first or even second time. Every person who tries something new opens himself up to learning opportunities. However, this process doesn't necessarily mean perfect outcomes. Instead, it means getting the job done to begin with. Let go of the ideal and embrace the reality where failing is part of the process. 

If you don't like doing the task at hand, it's because you are too caught up with the end result. Before you worry about how the project will turn out, look carefully at the process you will have to go through. Not only does it teach you something new, but it allows you to see beyond your personal bubble. 

You may be comfortable where you are now, but that doesn't mean you are growing. Think outside the box and open yourself up for the challenges. It is only then that you will see how your true intentions can result in something more productive. You can get the job done and learn something in the end too. 

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