How To Not Waste Time?

articles lifestyle Sep 28, 2020

Each of us has what it takes to utilize time most effectively and efficiently as possible. The secret is desire.

There is no arguing that one of the essential variables in fulfilling our desires is our ability to manage our time. There are many methods for time management—and perhaps an even higher number of technological tools. The problem that many people have is that they do not allow themselves to become obsessed with something, to desire it so much that time works for them, not the other way around. The solution is to channel that inner flow state as much as possible in the direction of one's goals and ambitions.


What is it that you desire? How deeply do you want it? Don't look at this desire as something that you must give up other things to achieve, but rather, stay in the wanting of it. This desire to be a better person, to hold a particular title, to maintain a deeper connection with your spouse, to create a more exciting life—these are all strong desires, and should not be judged. It is when we decide our desires, labeling them as in such a stage of completion, in some way succeeding or failing, on some spectrum of feasibility or likelihood, these are all judgments that are not necessary. Getting clear on our desires is step one.


We live in a time where information on literally anything is available, free, and quickly produced. There is no good excuse for us not to learn, grow, and expand in any direction our heart desires. That is, except for the idea that we do not have enough time. The great irony in most people who bring this up to me is that if they allowed themselves to obsess without any filters or boundaries, they would experience the flow state. This is the state where things get done, in a manner of speaking, miraculously in ways that are unexplainable by the logical mind. Sudden bursts of energy produce great and incredible works—quantity and quality-wise. We've all experienced this, and many people just wish they had more time to allow obsession to settle in. 

Channel Energy

As we begin to obsess about a particular thing, we are going to experience a feeling of upliftment of our energy levels, not just while we are researching, writing, planning, or building, but in all areas of our life. Staying grounded is the same idea as channeling this creative energy into the direction of both short term needs and long term visions. Having clear goals—long-term and short-term—and referring to them frequently as you begin to create your life more intentionally will be essential to channel the energy in the most optimum direction. This is one of the main things that I find to have the most significant benefit in hiring a coach. Simply finding someone that can assist you in tapping into your creative energy pool and finding someone that can help you in channeling it can result in great dividends.

Become Present In Everything You Do

It takes discipline to be present and to want to create great things and efficiently utilize time. Most people who say that they do not have enough time are likely doing things in their day that they believe necessary that are not, or they are habitually allowing energy-drains to occur in their field of control. They maintain a relationship that is not aligned with their goals. They consume media in an addictive manner. They keep themselves busy with things that have nothing to do with their happiness nor stepping towards their goals. We capitalize on our time when we let time occur right now and not place it out in front of us somewhere where we cannot get our teeth into it.

Today's tool is a process for training your subconscious on how to create more time in your day. Every thought we choose to think is communication to our subconscious what experience we desire to have. Emotionally energized thoughts have a higher priority within the subconscious creation list. Still more powerful is physical action stemming from emotionally-charged beliefs. This idea of not wasting time—instead, utilizing time more effectively—can be straightforwardly communicated to your subconscious through this exercise.

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