Perceiving More Synchronicity

articles energy updates Oct 08, 2020

As you begin to recognize and comprehend more synchronicity, there will inevitably be a desire to experience more of it.  

Remember that synchronicity is happening all of the time. What varies is the profundity of that synchronicity relative to your ability to perceive it.

Think about how a telescope works. Light streams into the objective lens of a refractor telescope and are narrowed towards the observer's eyepiece lens to experience it. In a reflector telescope, the concave mirror accepts the light and mirrors it towards the observer's eyepiece.  

In either case, the goal is to accept or perceive more light into the system. This is done by merely having a more substantial receptacle—a mirror or lens. The more light that gets in, the cleaner, clearer, and more distant, the images are in the perception of the user. The planets, stars, and galaxies observed through a telescope pointed into space were already there before the observation. It was merely the focusing of the light in a particular way such that they could be experienced.

How Do We Do It?

Just as with telescopes, we are looking to bring more light into our awareness. This is what we mean when we say we would like to experience more synchronicity. These ideas are synonymous. 

So, how do we bring in more light to our awareness?

Well, remember that the light is already there, so we are more accurately perceiving more of the sun than we are BRINGING it into our awareness. As a receiver of view, your human body resonates with particular frequencies and wavelengths of light. Your corresponding non-physical, or quantum, collection can be referred to as your light body. This is the body that accepts and receives light, passing it through to your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Perceiving synchronicity does not just involve your physical eyes to see the situation; it also dramatically includes your mental capacities to comprehend what is going on as well as your emotions. You FEEL the profundity of synchronicity, and this feeling is what essentially alerts you to the synchronicity itself, and allows the learning or guidance to take root. The more potential energy your non-physical body communicates through to your physical body, the more that you will be able to perceive and experience from the physical perspective. Same for your mental and emotional bodies.


Remember that our bodies run on electromagnetics. This is the spark of the heart within your body. This is the communication channel of your nervous system. This is the energy that passes back and forth from all of your organizations—physical, mental, emotional, and light body. When we bring more light into our awareness by aligning our energetic frequency—which is measurable in electromagnetic hertz—we are fundamentally shifting our perspective to that which perceives it.

This shifting of a perspective is aiming towards coherence—or resonance or harmony. To attempt to resonate with something, you substantially adjust your vibration to be as close to that thing or that idea as you can. To perceive more light, we must take on more of the characteristics of light. This is the key to understanding more synchronicity.

How Do We Do It

The question of, "How do I embody light?" is synonymous with the problem, "How do I perceive more synchronicity?" Here are some ways:

Get physically lighter

  • Get more sun and time in nature
  • Eat lower on the food chain
  • Drink more spring water
  • Sleep, nap, and rest more
  • Consume the fewest amount of synthetic chemicals as possible

Get mentally lighter

  • Remove conflict-oriented inputs (media, relationships, habits)
  • Stop judging yourself
  • Move into theta brain wave state often

Get emotionally lighter

Get spiritually lighter

  • Meditate
  • Become aware of yourself
  • Communicate with your bodies consciously and honestly
  • Journal your dreams

Final Thoughts

Finally, journal your synchronicities for yourself. You will forget them. That's just the nature of how it works. And, you don't want to hold on to them and place them up on a pedestal.

I know many people who are stuck in the recognizing synchronicity stage and find themselves stuck in awe of it. They continue to tell the same stories of synchronicity and how amazing it is, yet their experience does not change—their desired quality of life does not manifest.

Journaling your synchronicities will allow an outlet for you so that you do not feel as though you need to hold on to them. Eventually, you won't need to journal them at all, and they will simply flow through you.

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