The Guide on How to Pack Light

Are you the friend that always has to wait at the baggage claim during a vacation? Does your luggage set off the weight scale? Have you googled “how to travel lite” but can’t find anything other than “Did you mean to say “travel light?”

Packing light is challenging, but it is definitely worth it. Once you have tried smarter packing for a trip, you’ll never want to go back. 

A minimalist approach to traveling and packing will not only make you more comfortable in the airport or the car, but it will allow you to become more mobile. Keeping everything in a carry on size also means huge savings for you. You’ll be able to avoid those extra check-in fees and skip the long line for baggage claim. 

No matter how tempting it is to overpack because you always thought being over-prepared is good, think again. Usually, the people who do it end up cursing themselves, saying they don’t want to overpack for a trip ever again. 

Save yourself from all the trouble—pack light. Pack smart. Fill your bag only with what is necessary. 

How do you apply the minimalist approach to packing? You’ve got to read along to find out!

Benefits Of Packing Light

Though it is tempting to bring everything you want, remember that it is not always the best way to do it. 

Here are some benefits of packing light: 

You’ll save money

No need to worry about excess baggage fees

You’ll save time

No need to wait for your baggage if you only have a carry-on.

Save yourself from guilt

You won’t have to worry about being the friend who has to drag several bags with them.

A quick pack and unpack

You’ll have more time to do more important and fun things.

Make more time for travel

You can go to multiple destinations without worrying that you’ve brought everything with you.

You can make unplanned stops

You can go on a side trip with just a carry-on. It won’t be too much of a hassle.

You are at less risk

You don’t need to worry about getting injured or suffering from back pains because you don’t have a piece of enormous luggage to carry around. 

You enjoy bragging rights

You won’t have to worry about all that you brought as the airport scales will show everyone that you only traveled with the essentials.

Rules On How To Travel Light

Are you wondering what to pack for a 3-day trip? Or are you wondering how to pack for a week in a carry-on? Whether your trip is short or long, what you’ll need first is a piece of minimalist luggage. Remember that to be able to pack light, you must find yourself the right bag. 

The best way to pack light is to get yourself a small bag. Not only will it reduce the temptation to keep adding more stuff to bring, but it will also teach you to prioritize your needs over your wants. 

If you are not sure which bag to buy, go for the backpack. It is the perfect bag because it is versatile, lightweight, and it’s the ideal carry on bag that could fit a lot in terms of volume. So go ahead and go shopping for the perfect backpack. It will make a huge difference in your travel plans. 

Pack all the must-haves

You’ve got yourself the right bag, and now it is time to look into the rules to follow if you want to travel light. If you are used to packing things that are nice to have on a trip, then you have always been doing it wrong. Lay everything you think you’ll need on the floor. Think long and hard about how each item is essential to the trip. Take out all the things you don’t really need for the journey. 

People often feel that there is a need to pack more. It comforts them, knowing that they’ll be prepared for just about anything. Don’t give in to the urge of over preparedness. Many of those who traveled for the first time wished they didn’t pack as much.

Prepare clothes only for the days of your stay

If you are going to stay in the place for just a few days, only pack the amount of clothes you’ll need to satisfy those days. However, if you are going to stay there for a long time, make sure to pack only a week’s worth of clothes. Most places have laundry facilities.

Pick the pieces that are your favorites, but they should be versatile. Go for the classic pieces. Pack the clothes that come in a simple palette. You can always mix and match pieces if you want to. 

Consider the versatility in every item

Which items will you use almost all the time? Go for the ones with multiple uses or functions. Think twice about bringing items that will only be used for one occasion unless it is the reason for your travel. 

For example, you need to pack that evening gown because the reason for your trip is the awards night you will be attending. Other than that, let go of items that are not versatile. You can always buy or rent them from a local store in the area. The goal is to find a cheaper temporary fix instead of paying a considerable amount for excess baggage. 

There are shops all over the world, no matter how small or remote the island or city may be. If you forget to pack toiletries, you can always buy them locally. 

If you can, avoid packing on the day of the travel itself. When you are under a lot of stress, you tend to pack a lot of things. So try to ease it into your schedule a week before. After all, careful planning always works best.

Also, make sure that a quarter of your bag is left empty. This will help with the unpacking later on. You will also have enough space for souvenirs or take-home gifts. 

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