The Guide To A Candle Meditation

articles meditation Nov 09, 2020

How much do you know about candle meditation? While many people know about meditation in general, very few truly understand what it means to use candles as the meditation practice's primary focus. 

Some people who have tried candlelight mediation say that this particular type of meditation is easy. They say that it helps them let go of their negative thoughts and free themselves of all their worries because they can concentrate on a physical object instead of just a mantra.

Others say that meditation candles are quite a challenge. It can sometimes be tricky to just focus your eyes on the candle's flames without blinking. Experts say that with a little practice and a lot of will to do it, you can find it hugely comforting to practice candle meditation.

It does not matter what type of meditation you engage in. Meditation is in itself a fantastic way to help improve your concentration skills, find your focus, and put more trust in what you can do. If practiced properly, you can do anything. 

How Do You Do A Candle Light Meditation?

Mindfulness candles are a beautiful set of candles that are specially made to help people meditate. Before you take one candle and light it up, take a moment to prepare yourself for the meditative practice. Draw the window shades closed and find some peace and quiet. 

It helps to learn more about how to meditate with a candle before you engage in the actual practice. 

Tip 1: Pick a dark room

You will find it more useful if the room where you intend to meditate is dark so that the candle is the brightest thing in the room. The darkness will make you focus more on the light. It will avoid eye strain too. Make sure that the temperature is as comfortable also. 

Tip 2: Be careful about where to position the candle

Now, light the candle and put it in a position where it directly meets your eyes. If you put it a little lower, make sure it is only slightly lower than your usual eye level to keep the position from causing strains on your back. And of course, keep the flame away from flammable things.

Tip 3: Find a comfortable position

Make sure that your head is not tilted too far forward and that you are not slouching. Your position during your candle meditation dramatically affects how the experience will be like. 

It is a must that you maintain that upright posture to make the experience feel more natural. You can sit on your favorite chair if you want or sit cross-legged on the floor. The goal is for you to find the best position to meditate. 

Tip 4: Prepare yourself

The candle must at least rest 50cm far from your eyesight. If it's too close, it might be too bright and cause you to get migraines instead. Now, you are ready. Stare at the image of the flame and let it fill your mind with warmth. 

Tip 5: Find your focus

At first, it will be quite hard to focus on the flame, and your mind will continue to wander. Your eyes will try to resist the efforts you put to keep them still. This is totally normal. Your first try at candle meditation may not be as successful as the second one, but you just have to keep trying. 

The process will take some time, but it can only be a success when you don't stop doing it. Keep on practicing and allow yourself to slowly ease into the mediation as your practice progresses. Do not be too concerned when it seems finding focus is a struggle. It's always like that in the beginning. 

How To Engage In Deeper Meditation?

Did your eyes seem to water after a few minutes of concentrating on the flame? This might have scared you a bit, but there's no need to worry. It is totally normal for such a thing to happen. It usually dissipates quickly.

It is also normal for distractions to arise during your meditative practice. The challenge is not how you are going to get rid of the distractions. Instead, it's about how you can deal with them so you can continue to meditate

What can you do to deepen your candle meditation practice? A great way to deepen your focus is to imagine that you are breathing in the light from the candle. Its heat gets in and out of you. There's no need to visualize the image, but you have to feel the sensations in your body. 

Keep your eyes fixed on the flame of the candle and keep your breath flowing too. In the process, you feel a sense of purity and clarity as you are able to infuse the body and the mind with the strength that you have built up during the meditation practice. 

What Can Candle Meditation Do For You?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions that newbies ask about candle meditation. It is not about what it does to you after every meditation. Rather, it is about the lasting effects that it puts on you because of your continued practice. 

Those who are used to practicing meditation can compare how the other forms are able to help them achieve clarity in life. While candle meditation may be fairly new, it comes with numerous benefits with continued practice.

First, it helps you find focus

The time you spend staring at the flame and embodying its energy allows you to focus on what's important.

Second, meditation helps you find peace

Peace of mind and heart is all about finding joy in what you have at the moment. It is letting go of the past and preparing yourself for the future. 

Third, candle meditation gives you a profound experience

It is all about finding inner peace. The meditation practice is itself helpful to those who are praying for clarity to allow them to make sound decisions for themselves.

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