The Yogis Daily Hygiene Routine

How much do you know about your yoga practice? Apart from daily exercise, meditation, and focus, what else do you do to make every day more fruitful? By this time, you must have developed the yoga rituals that you do every single time before you begin to practice. 

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old yoga tradition that is backed up by scientific research. This Sanskrit term translates to the concept of "knowledge of life." The Ayurvedic practice comes with classifications rooted in the elements of the cosmos and the earth. 

What Does It Mean To Have A Yoga Routine?

It does not take much to realize that yoga is more than just the calming of the mind. The quick morning yoga routine is in place because people need to learn how to take care of their bodies. 

The practice of yoga is rooted in the principles and laws of nature. This means that every yoga practitioner must go back to the human body's very basic needs and begin self-care from there. 

The morning spiritual routine involves something that concerns the nourishment of the soul. But in the process, it also speaks of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a person's needs. 

After all, yoga is a kind of practice that delivers a holistic approach to healing. More than the mind, it is the coming together of the body, heart, and soul. With daily hygienic practices, every yogi will enjoy yoga even more. 

What Daily Yoga Hygiene Practices Should You Follow?

Every person has his or her routine to follow. These are the things that they need to do to consider their day complete. Most of the time, people include things in their daily routine because it makes them feel good about themselves. 

If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you can do more than one way to improve the yoga experience. Here are some of them in a list:

Tip 1: Wake up before the sun rises

Morning is the best time to meditate for most people because of the silence that it lends to every yogi. Traditionally, Ayurveda believes that once the sun is up, it is the signal that people should be up and about. It is time to move and do something productive. 

Waking up earlier than everyone else helps you connect with the most active part of yourself. Rather than checking your work email first thing in the morning, check with yourself. Are you still okay? Are you feeling low? 

People are not used to asking themselves these questions because they only expect to be productive at the beginning of every day. But these questions help you realize what aspect of your being needs the most help at this time. 

When you begin your yoga practice before the sun rises, you are given the opportunity to talk to yourself. Try to understand what you feel about things. Allow yourself to find peace and energy from within, and you are sure to have a good day ahead. 

Tip 2: Practice mindfulness meditation

Mornings are indeed perfect because they boast of peace and serenity. It is the perfect time to practice mindfulness and meditation. Find a few quiet moments to breathe deeply. Focus your attention on the movement of air in and out of your body. 

There's no need to worry if you can only meditate for a few minutes. You can work your way to a longer meditation over time. While meditation helps if you do it in the morning, it proves to be helpful at the end of every working day too. 

Mindfulness meditation lends itself to you to help you process all the things that happened throughout the day. More than that, it helps prepare the body for a more restful sleep. 

Tip 3: Put in some oil into the practice

Have you ever done an oil pull before? This is the act of swooshing oil type around the teeth and the gums for a few minutes every day. Whether it is sunflower oil, coconut, or sesame oil, it does not matter. 

Oil pulling is included in the yoga practice because it is believed to help remove the toxins and parasites in the body—the toxins that make your body sick build up around the gums and between the teeth. 

You can begin the oil pull for at least 1 to two minutes and work your way to doing it for a longer period of time. Remember to spit the oil in the trash and rinse your mouth with water. This is to ensure that the toxins do not have any chance of staying in your life. 

Tip 4: Give yourself a massage

In the Ayurveda traditions, the self-massage is known as the Abhyanga. It is often practiced before the beginning of every day or at the end to give the body that relaxing feeling. The massage you give yourself will help calm your nervous system down. 

Apart from the calming effect that it has, the massage also improves immunity, tones the muscles, and smoothens the skin. Use an oil that has a warm feel to the body, like coconut or sesame. 

Start the massage from your scalp down to your extremities. Then, work yourself up until you reach your heart. Doing this will help you achieve calmness in your body. Following the massage, treat yourself to a nice warm bath to clear up. 

Tip 5: Practice tongue scraping

While there may be many tongue scraping tools available in the market today, this practice roots from the traditions of the Ayurvedic technique. You can do this practice every morning before you start your day.

These traditions believe that the toxins and bacteria in your body build on the tongue during your sleep. It is one of the places in your body that remains moisturized throughout the night. This build-up on the tongue is why tongue scraping should be done daily. 

What's Your Takeaway?

There is always a thing or two you can do to improve your overall health. All you need have to do is to be prepared for it. With these hygienic yoga tips, you can make your practice even more meaningful and healthy. 

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