Three Lucid Dream Techniques

Was there ever a time when you wished you were awake enough to know that you were dreaming? Sometimes, it feels that way. You may have experienced a dream where it felt like everything that was happening was real. 

But then when you woke up, you didn't remember anything about it. Many people wish they could be awake in their dream because sometimes, it is the way for their dearly departed loved ones to communicate with them. 

Dreams, for some people, are more memorable than others. This is when they can become who they want to be or talk to people they genuinely miss.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the kind of dream where you are fully aware that everything is just a dream.  The spectrum of this type of dreaming is very broad. 

It can begin when people remember faint details about their dream or that it could be a broad opening of awareness that the body has experienced. Sometimes, it feels like it's real, and they feel it happening even while wide awake. 

Usually, lucid dreaming happens when a person suddenly wakes up in their dream only to realize that they were dreaming. However, once they have figured this out, their ability to control what they dream about comes in. 

This is probably the most sought after part of lucid dreaming. Is it possible for a wild lucid dreaming episode to happen? Is it possible to make yourself experience lucid dreaming? Yes! But how do you do it?

Everyone wishes to have lucid dreams because it makes them feel good about themselves. There are many known lucid dreaming facts, but one thing remains true for all. Everyone who wishes to have lucid dreams are yearning for control in their life. 

What Techniques Can Be Used To Achieve Lucid Dreaming?

Are you looking for a lucid dreaming guide? If you are wondering if it is possible to train the mind during your waking hours to make it work in a different way when you are dreaming, the answer is yes. With a few techniques, you can easily get yourself lucid dreaming whenever you wish. 

Experts believe that if you train the mind during your waking hours, you will likely enjoy the playtime when the dreaming begins. Any of these methods will work for as long as it suits your taste. 

Tip 1: Always remind yourself that you're dreaming

During the day, find the time to repeatedly ask yourself this question: "Am I dreaming?" While you are at it, perform reality checks to help you remember that you live in real life and not in a dream world. 

This may sound silly because it is not possible for you to be dreaming while you are wide awake, but it's a kind of mind training. The repetition of the question helps ground you to the reality that you are in. 

With enough practice and thorough repetition, you will automatically remember asking yourself this while you are dreaming. This means that once you control everything, you gain confidence that you can handle yourself even while you are in a dream state. 

This is the type of control you need when you want to experience lucid dreaming.

Tip 2: Write in your dream journal

This may seem simple, but it is the most important part of lucid dreaming. Keep your dream journal by your bedside, and as soon as you wake up from a dream, write about it. Do not try to wander off because you are likely to lose touch with the details if you do. 

If you are not a writer by heart, or perhaps you take a while to write, try recording your voice. Type it on your phone, or you could keep a video message instead. Keeping a dream journal is essential if you want to establish authority over your dreaming.

If you keep a journal, you will be able to write about the minute details that you often forget after an hour or two of being awake. When you've written all of them, you will be able to sit down and identify the common dream elements. 

The list could include people from your past. It could be specific places you have been to. The list of details could go on and on, each more becoming more significant than the last. Journaling also helps in recognizing the things that are unique to your dreams. 

There will be dream signs, and you will be able to recognize them. These are things recur, and the events in your dreams will be things that you barely notice. When you keep a journal, you think of writing on it whenever you dream and will be able to see the patterns. 

This could be a form of discipline for you too. 

Tip 3: Keep track of your dream schedule

When is the best time for a lucid dream? Keep track of the times when you have these dreams. Write them in your journal, no matter what hour of the night or day you wake up. Did you know that you can arrange your sleep schedule to induce lucid dreaming? 

Several studies show that if you take a nap just a few hours after waking, it could result in having lucid dreams. Lucid dreams have always been associated with rapid eye movements or REM sleep. This commonly happens just when you are about to wake up in the morning. 

What's Your Takeaway?

A lucid dream is what everyone wants to have. You can have it too. If you try out these three techniques, you can make it happen when you want to. With motivation and proper practice, you can get everything right. 

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