What Is My Aura?

Our aura is the semi-physical manifestation of our thoughts and feelings that we have about ourselves.

There are a ton of different ideas that relate to the aura. Some people can see auras, and some people can read auras. All of the reasons that we make decisions relate to the aura.

As said before, our aura is the semi-physical manifestation of our thoughts and feeling that we have about ourselves. It is not a random configuration of colors. It is not something that occurs from the outside of one's self. It exists as an outcome of varying internal processes, and it is not something that one needs to attempt to "change" to move in one direction or another. There is no useful hierarchy of auric resonance. This is a measurement of sorts, but it is not a judgment.

Can I See My Aura?

You don't need to "see" the aura of yourself or another to intuit one's experience. You know that when you feel good, you feel lighter, you feel more like you are glowing, you feel brighter. You know that when you are feeling down, you think denser, feel more like hiding, and feel dull. This is intuitive within yourself, and it is observable in others as well, in the same way. When someone is up, they carry themselves a certain way, and when someone is down, they give themselves a certain way and tend to fall within themselves.

How Does My Attitude Affect My Aura?

Going "within" is not the same as "feeling blue" in the way that I am using this. Deep—or even superficial—introspection is a necessary activity of self-realization and discovery. However, that is much different than constant negative self-talk, self-hatred, and self-sabotage. For those that are more emotionally sensitive, they can perceive this difference very quickly. For those that are accustomed to throwing blanket labels upon others based on physical appearances, this delineation will be more difficult. Being able to delineate here is one way to experience the "aura" of another person. Moving from seeing no difference between someone who is profoundly contemplative and someone that is genuinely in self-pity to understanding the difference very clearly is akin to moving from perceiving the aura as an abstract idea to closer to a physical sensation.

Everything is electricity, and everything is light. Everything has an energetic boundary that expands beyond its physical manifestation - there is no other way in which the physicality would function or help together. So an aura is not defined by its color, it is more defining the physicality, and the physicality is coloring the experience of perceiving the energetic field.

Today, try to find a simple guided meditation to enhance some of your inner senses to be able to perceive your aura more sensibly. Remembering some of the main points here that it is not a necessary exercise.

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