What to Do When You Feel Unworthy

Have you been feeling low? Have you found yourself thinking, "Why am I so useless?" Have you felt like you can't meet other's expectations of you no matter what you do? That feeling of unworthiness is something that people experience from time to time. 

First of all, you are not useless. 

Second of all, you are not alone.

Often this feeling of unworthiness happens when you are unable to reach the unrealistic expectations that others have of you. You may also feel this way if you're unable to meet your own expectations. 

For many of us, we feel the most unworthy when we become overwhelmed by the intense need to be accepted by another person, whether romantically or professionally. When we think they expect us to be one thing and we are not able to meet it, then we begin to feel unworthy. We start to feel like we don't deserve their love or affection. Moreso, we feel like we don't deserve their respect or admiration. 

What Makes You Feel Unworthy

"I feel useless." This is what people often tell themselves whenever the feeling of unworthiness dawns on them.

Sometimes, they even ask themselves this question, "Why am I not good enough?" This question is their response to other people's indifference towards them or how they feel. 

It is pretty normal for people to feel unworthy from time to time. Any negative feeling holds a lesson and helps us reflect on our behavior and perhaps choose to make a change for the better. However, holding on to negative emotions is what makes a person counter-productive or even depressed. Not only does it make a person feel stuck in one place, but it puts them in a situation where they do not want to do anything anymore. They feel like there is nothing that they can do to please the person or people they have disappointed.

The longer they feel unworthy, the more that they neglect their relationship with others. This distancing comes from fear, shame, or guilt. They internalize all the negativity to a point where their physical and emotional health suffers.

You Are Worthy

You are not wrong for feeling bad. It is part of being you. It is that part that will remind you that you are only human. 

Everyone has flaws. Nobody is perfect. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to fulfill what others wish you would be. It is the same as the fact that they could never be who you want them to be. All of these are real. 

Whenever you feel like nothing you do is ever enough, remember that the whole point of it all is to learn and to try. As long as you are trying your best, then that deserves more attention and love. 

Ignore the Haters

People will always have something to say about you. That's part of human nature. No matter how hard you give them what they want from you, it may never be enough. It is not because you should have tried harder. It's just that they want something more. 

They will have their opinion of you, but that shouldn't matter as much. You suffer from the feeling of unworthiness because you have put your worth on how others see you. You value their idea of you so much that you forget about what you want for yourself. 

This is one of the many reasons why it is essential to know who you are. When you know how much you matter, you won't depend on others to tell you what you worth. You know that you are worthy, and that is what matters. 

How Do You Get Over Feeling Insignificant?

Have you been feeling insignificant lately? What can you do to move past this feeling? Here are some tips:

Acknowledge the feeling and let it sink in

As long as you deny the feeling, it will always stay inside of you no matter what you do. So instead, acknowledge the feeling and deal with it appropriately. Before you can attack the sense of unworthiness, you will have to name the crippling emotion. Remember that giving the emotion a name will help you deal with it. You can take steps to move beyond it. When you acknowledge the feeling, you own it. I will no longer hold power over you. Instead, you are in control and managing the situation as needed. 

Have a plan and make it happen

Stop and think for a moment. Before you find yourself in that crippling situation again, think of ways you can move past your fear. Think of a way you can be more proactive and constructive. This may make you feel awkward in the beginning, but don't let distractions get to you. Take on the endeavor and see yourself through. You know you are stronger than this.

Ask, and you shall receive

Make a list of family and friends you can turn to when things start to get rough. Ask for their thoughts and listen to what they have to say. You are capable of making things happen for yourself, so don't allow anyone to make you feel like you can't. You are good enough. You are worthy. As long as you surround yourself with people who have a positive impact on your life, you can overcome the feeling of unworthiness. 

Promise yourself you will give it your best 

Instead of wallowing yourself in the fear that others might not recognize the good in what you do, show yourself a little love. Give your best in everything that you do. You may not be good at something yet, but you can always teach yourself to be better. If others do not appreciate your efforts, gradually work on improving yourself in your eyes, no theirs. Soon, that chip on your shoulder will fade away. You will learn to trust yourself and be good at what you choose to do. 

What do you do when you are feeling unworthy? Trust yourself. You are always worthy, no matter what others may say. 

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