What You Need To Learn About Yes/No Tarot Reading

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What type of questions can you ask the tarot cards? Experts say that all your questions should be well thought out, intuitive, and specific so you can get an effective answer. This way, your answers will unveil the truth that you need to hear. 

It is no secret that taking on yes or no tarot cards can be tough. However, it is one of those things that you need to learn as a new reader of the cards. Such types of questions feed your curiosity. But then again, you need to know that you only yield reliable results when you ask equally strong questions. 

What Makes Asking Yes Or No Questions Interesting?

Asking an expert to do a reading of the tarot cards for you can be very interesting. While they can give you a more in-depth interpretation of what is coming in the future, sometimes all you need is a simple answer to a yes or no question. 

Will a yes or no fortune teller be able to help you in your dilemma? There's no need to fret if your question only entails a simple answer. 

For sure, you are interested to know if you are going to land the job you recently applied for or not. Maybe you also want to know if the one you are dating is the one you are going to marry. 

Tarot reading yes or no can also open doors for real insight into the situation. While it may be hard even for an expert reader to give a yes or no answer, you can at least give it a try. 

Is it possible to ask a yes or no question in a tarot card reading? It is. But if you want to know if it is close to what is real or what could happen, it is all about how you look at it. 

How Does A Yes Or No Tarot Reading Work?

When asking a yes or no question in a tarot card reading session, you might find yourself confused with the answer the cards give. This is true for all. Simply put, the tarot card is not just about providing a specific yes or no answer. 

Instead, it is a discipline that is inherently designed to break down intricately delicate situations. It aims to provide complex guidance to convey the implications of your actions to the world's interpersonal themes. It cannot merely be the answer to a simple yes or no answer. 

Does this mean it is impossible to conduct a yes or no tarot spread? It still is possible. However, be prepared to be confused with the answers the card provides. 

For example, when you ask the card if you are going to run into love in the next few days and the deck shows you the Temper card. This can mean two things: first, it could be a yes with the condition that you should be patient in waiting for love to come; or second, it could be a no with the warning that your impatience could make love pass you by. 

What Facts Come With A Yes Or No Tarot Reading?

Fact 1: Reversed cards should always mean NO

A simple way of interpreting the eys or no cards is to assign yes to all the upright drawn cards and no to all those drawn out in reverse. 

For example, when you ask the deck if you are going to get married in the next five years, and the card 10 of Wands comes out reversed, this should be interpreted as NO. 

It is up to you if you will consider what the card means in how you make meaning of the answer. In this situation, the card is an expression of stress or burden in reverse. It could mean that you may need to release the stress and strain first before you can fall in love or get married. 

Or you could decide to ask a follow-up question and pull out another card in the process. It all depends on you. 

Fact 2: The meaning is in the suits

With this strategy, you will have to separate the Major Arcana from the Minor Arcana. You will have to set aside the Major Arcana as you will not need them. 

Then, you can assign the Wands and Swords as "yes" and Cups and Pentacles as "no." When you ask whether you should move to a new country and the card you pick is the 3 of Wands, then the answer is based on your preconceived notion of assignments as "Yes."

If you want to include an interpretation of the card itself, you may do so. In this case, the 3 of Wands could mean that you will be up for a long journey. However, the good part is that if you decide to move, you are making a good decision

Fact 3: The meaning of the cards can rest in your hands

Another way you can do a yes no tarot spread is by pre-assigning meanings to certain cards. One of the reasons why a yes or no tarot reading becomes confusing is when you are unsure which cards mean "yes" and which ones say "no."

It is best to assign the yes and no cards based on your relationship with the cards. The intensity of their answers will naturally come as you try to understand the depth of the meaning of each one. 

For example, if you ask the cards if you are going to get the job you applied for, and the Devil comes out of the deck, this should mean "no." the meaning is primarily based on the attributed meaning of the card.

In this case, the particular card speaks of pain and negativity. Therefore, the interpretation of it is a solid NO. 

While its interpretation is simple because you have assigned particular meaning to a card, what the deck is trying to tell you is just not that easy to determine. Remember that your interpretation may be different from that of another person, but you have to accept that. 

You need to be solid in your stance on the meaning of the card. This way, you avoid a lot of confusion.

Where Will A Tarot Card Reading Lead?

A yes or no reading of the tarot card can sometimes be confusing, and it's okay. However, when you assign meanings to the individual cards or how you draw them, you can be more sure of your answers. 

When it says "no," then you have to trust that it means well. If it shows a "yes," then it's the only signal you need to make things happen. 

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