Appreciating The Power Of Delay

All the great things in life do not come easy. They take a lot of time, effort, and dedication. But everyone has a picture of what they want inside their heads. They set a timeline for themselves to achieve it. They challenge themselves to strive harder and to do better. 

They fantasize about the results and remain hopeful that the end results will bring them the happiness they've always wanted. 

But when things don't seem to meet your expectations, you start to feel frustrated. You begin to wish that things would go by as quickly as possible. 

Everything seems to follow a time delay relay

For example, when you are not in a relationship, you want to find your forever partner even more desperately. If you are working on building a career or business, you want it to take off to achieve success in a matter of months. You always expect good results without putting in the time.

What To Learn From Delays?

But what if success doesn't happen right away? What if you have to stop and delay all your plans? Whenever you feel the need to put off your plans to give way to something else, you're caught in between success and failure, and that can be frustrating. 

You're at the point when you want things to unfold, but it is still taking time. Perhaps you're ready to fall in love and settle down, but the right person hasn't come yet. 

It is the waiting part that makes you crazy inside. You have to learn patience. It would be best if you accepted that things won't always go as planned

Resisting this time of delay will only bring about feelings of anxiety. And whenever you're feeling anxious, you may end up being the reason for the delay. You may push people away who can help you achieve your goals because of your impatience. Any power expert will tell you that procrastination is never a solution to frustration

Instead, it would help if you looked at things more with a more positive and intentional perspective. Live a more meditative life, and you will see how these times of delay are actually for your own good. You may wonder, "How could it be something positive if something you want isn't happening now?" 

Make it a conscious decision to understand the lessons that come with the delays. It may not be happening now, but it doesn't mean that it's never going to happen. 

Over time, you will see that the lessons of life become clearer. You will have more inner peace, and you will feel reassured that things are moving at the right pace. 

What Is The Other Side Of Delay?

Delay teaches you to let go

Every opportunity that comes by in your life comes within a specific timeframe. The benefits that you get from each one will be based on how attached you are to them. When you learn to let go of your attachment to your expectations, you will truly be free from heartache. Concentrate on your craft and work hard to improve it. Remember that delays could mean getting extra time to learn more or to become better. If you get instant results and you get less than what you expect, it will only mean a heartbreak. 

Your work today may not have yielded what you expected it to, but that should not stop you from creating. Rather, let it fuel your passion for being better than who you were yesterday. 

Delays can show you what you really want

It is frustrating whenever you expect yourself to complete something by a specific time, and you don't. You may be guilty of procrastination, and that is what's most frustrating. But then again, a delay in your timeframe should tell you to want it more. 

A lot of things may cause the delay, but it should not hinder you from getting the results that you want. It may take time, and that's okay. Forgive yourself for not getting what you want now, but never apologize for wanting more. After all, it's the only thing that fuels your passion -- the desire to achieve. 

A delay can help you look into your foundation

Do you have the strength and the knowledge to push through with your plan? Are you equipped with the skills set needed to hone your craft better? Whenever it feels like a delay is halting all of your ideas, it could actually mean that you have extra time to look into your foundation. 

Get better at your craft. Learn more skills. Figure out more efficient ways to accomplish things. Use the time to practice what you know so that you can be prepared for when things start to move forward. Turn this time of delay into a "smart delay," a time where you can get ready for the next step.

Delays should help you think of new ideas

Your familiarity with the situation can sometimes block your mind from searching for something more. Sometimes, it makes you think there is only one way to accomplish things. Perhaps the delay is a sign that there is more than one way to make things happen. 

If, on your first try, you did not succeed, stop, and think again. Reconsider your ideas. Think outside the box. Sometimes, you can only come up with new ideas when you take a step back and review what you know. 

The delay of something is not a form of denial. When you put your power on a time limit, you will be locked within that timeline's boundaries. However, when you open your mind to the possibilities, a myriad of good things can happen. 

Remember that some things might not be happening right now, and that's totally fine. It may not be right for you at the moment. But in time, you will get what you deserve. Don't let it stop you from wanting more. Go ahead and dream bigger. 

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