Yoga Poses To Unlock Your Emotions

Have you ever found yourself feeling down and low, but you're not sure exactly why? Sometimes, people feel that way. They find it hard to identify what is causing them to feel upset. 

Is it because they don't know what it is? Remember that every person needs to process their emotions to understand them fully. You need to give yourself some time to identify what you feel and why you feel that way. 

Most people will do something about it. And then some will choose to ignore what is happening. Choosing the latter could put you under a lot of stress. It could bring about internal conflict, which could then negatively affect your relationship with others. 

How Does Yoga Help You Deal With Emotions?

Proper breathing, mindfulness, and meditation can all help in making you deal with what you feel. They all make you slow down, so you can find a bit of clarity and focus. 

Daily practice of yoga and meditation proves to be a healthy combination. These power yoga poses helps build a better connection between the person and his idea of himself. Sometimes, all that people need is to slow down a bit to make things fall into place. 

Their lack of a sense of self is what puts people in a difficult situation. While yoga for good health is usually associated with weight loss programs, there is another aspect of the self that yoga proves to be helpful. 

When people need to reconnect with themselves and understand what is going on inside them, yoga helps them see things through. The practice teaches them to slow down and become mindful of how they feel and what they think.

What Yoga Poses Help You Deal With Emotions?

There are several healing yoga poses, and each one benefits the human body in its unique way. However, there are specific yoga poses that allow for a smooth understanding of human emotions. 

With regular yoga practice and incorporating these asanas in a sequence, you are sure to unlock those emotions from deep within. 

Yoga pose 1: Pigeon pose

From the downward-facing dog's position, all you need is to put the knee through your left wrist and toward the center. Slowly, move the foot to the right hip and drop the left leg while in motion. 

Lower down to your mat to help find the balance between the left and right hip. Make sure to adjust the leg's alignment to ensure that it is not falling on the ground. 

Pigeon pose proves to be one of the most helpful in opening the hips and engaging the body's sacral chakra. It is common knowledge that the hips are the part of the body that holds the most tension, especially among women.

Pigeon pose helps the flexibility of the hip rotators and hip flexors and, in the process, helps release the tension in the lower back part of the body too. The awakening of the sacral chakra allows people to reconnect with their emotions, keeping them in touch with their relationship with others and their innate creativity also. 

Yoga pose 2: Wheel pose

Lay on your back against the mat with your knees folded so that your feet touch the ground. Position your heels a little closer to your hips while you put both your hands behind your head. 

Lift your hips as you slowly press into your hands and your feet. The wheel pose helps you open up yourself to the world. It puts you in a position where you feel you are most vulnerable as your heart chakra is slowly awakened. 

Dropping the gaze and releasing your neck in this pose helps you gain a new perspective about life. This pose is incredibly helpful to those who are trying to recover from heartbreak. It encourages you to look at the other side of things and work on filling your life with more love, gratitude, and appreciation. 

Remember that as you go through the wheel pose, you have to teach yourself to breathe slowly. Deep breathing helps the lungs work harder. Feel the air as it goes in and out of your body, allowing your chest to expand and your heart to simply soar. 

Yoga pose 3: Wisdom pose

This pose brings you to your knees while resting your body at the back of your heels. Fold your chest over your thighs to help relax the neck. Close your eyes. Stretch your arms back down at your side with palms facing up. 

The wisdom pose is actually a variation of the famous child's pose. It offers the same benefits as the child's pose, including the opening of your balancing chakra. However, this pose allows the shoulders to rest a little bit deeper. 

As you stretch your arms to your side, it helps your mind, body, and heart to be more open. The moving of your head toward the front of your mat invites the crown chakra to open. Take note as the thoughts freely move in your head, inviting more creativity and wisdom to come to you. 

If you choose to perform this with a little more openness, it can instill a great sense of mental, physical, and emotional release. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Every asana that you perform helps bring more energy to your body. More than that, it helps you become more aware of how you feel from deep inside. If you continue to practice yoga for healing, you'd be surprised at how much more control you have over your thoughts and emotions. 

Being in control of how you feel and what you think allows you to carefully choose which ones to keep with you and which ones to let go. When you choose to keep positivity, you will attract the energy in more ways than you first thought you would.

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