You're Sitting Wrong—Fix That Pain In Your Back

Have you been complaining about back pain? While some people may say that back pains are a part of the aging process, it should not be brushed aside.

When you feel lower back pain when standing or sitting, it means that there is something wrong with your body, and you need help. When you are used to sitting and developing a posture like that of a sitting stick, you shouldn't be surprised about your back pain. 

Sitting is certainly hard on the body. If you've been sitting too long, you need to move, stretch your arms, bend a little, and practice the right postures as often as you can throughout the day. 

It can be quite hard to think about how sitting can be bad for the body because people never see it that way. Especially now, when everyone is working from home, people are starting to realize how painful it is to be seated the whole day.  

If you keep thinking that there's nothing wrong about your sitting position or sitting on a stool and complaining about back pain, that line of thinking becomes all the more dangerous. It puts you and your body at risk, and the worst part is that you don't seem to care at all. 

What Makes Your Sitting Wrong?

The way you sit dramatically affects your overall posture. Experts could tell if you follow the wrong sitting posture by looking at you and how you stand. Did you know that the chair you sit in affects your posture, even the desk where you sit? 

All of this matters when it comes to finding treatment for your back pain. What is even more alarming is that even though people know about ergonomics and how it can help correct their posture, they see it as a sham. It is as if the whole science behind it is not true. 

Although most people admit that sitting upright is what they've been taught when they were young, they were told that their back should form 90 degrees. But experts in ergonomics believe it is not the right way of sitting down. 

Wrists that rest on something does not prevent a person from suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome at all. The resting of the wrist could only make the condition worse, just like how standing on your feet the whole day is just as bad as sitting with your legs crossed all day. 

You may have googled something like, "correct posture at desk," but it seems nothing that you do eases the back pain. Sometimes, it seems only to get worse. 

A lousy sitting position can only harm you in the long run. It is not just about carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, or obesity. It is all of these combined and maybe even more. How should you really be sitting? 

How Can You Ease Your Back Pain?

Getting a massage may be the easiest thing to do to relieve you of your back pain. However, the comfort that massage provides is only temporary. The back pains will recur when you don't do something about the way you sit or stand. 

There are a handful of ways you can deal with the back pain, but here are some of the most practical ways to do it. More importantly, the things included in the list are all ways to help you improve posture and overall health

Tip 1: Find yourself a good chair

All desk chairs may look similar, but not all of them are created equally. Ergonomics is not about having the chair that everyone else has. Rather, it is the science that practices compatibility. 

You want a chair that will fit you, your desk, and your tasks. Assuming that you are working in front of your computer the whole day, you need to have something supportive yet dynamic. When your chair is adjustable, you will be able to find the right comfort when you want it. 

Tip 2: Use the back part of your chair

When was the last time you sat as far back on your chair as possible? You might not remember it anymore because you don't do it as often. Sometimes, your job makes you lean forward to see what's on your screen; you forget about resting your back. 

Ideally, your chair should come with some neck and lumbar support. There's no need to sit at the edge of the chair all the time. No need to hunch over your computer unit either, and do not slouch. Instead, enjoy the backrest. Feel it and let it do most of the work for you. 

Tip 3: Your computer should not be within eye level

This tip may come as a surprise, but this is the right way to go. Put your computer at two to three inches above eye level. This will allow you to lengthen your body and put you in the right sitting position. It is not about sitting up straight, but it is about not being hunched at work. 

Tip 4: Put your feet on the ground

Did you know that placing your feet on the ground is what will provide you the strength and stability to last through the day? Whenever you are seated, make sure that your feet are able to rest flat on the ground. It will help find stability while you keep your back and your body as grounded as possible. 

Are you a bit too short to reach the floor? Make sure to have a footrest instead. This will ensure that you achieve the same kind of stability as if your feet were touching the ground. 

What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

Improve your posture and get rid of those unwanted back pains. Help yourself by keeping acceptable practices as part of your routine. No matter how productive you are, as long as it puts your posture at risk, it will never be worth it. 

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