3 Simple Steps To Live A Quiet Life

articles lifestyle Jul 25, 2020

Do you find yourself with an overwhelming number of tasks to do each day? Does it feel like you are very far from the peaceful life you have always wished for yourself? When it comes to a point where you seem to be swallowed by the noisy life you live with every day, the yearning for a calm and quiet life only gets stronger. 

In solitude and monotony, people are able to find themselves and access their much-needed creativity. However, it is so easy to get distracted when the world around you is full of noise and chaos. The endless list of things that the world demands from you can pull your focus in different directions. 

How do you turn the other way and get your life back to simplicity? How do you teach yourself to lean back to that quiet life?

What Does A Quiet Life Mean?

In this day and age, when everyone is trying their best to cope up with their busy schedule, the thought of retiring to a quiet life always serves as an inspiration. It pushes people to try their best. But whenever people talk about a quiet life, their definition may be different than yours. 

Remember, every person's dream life differs. Their idea of a quiet life may not exactly be how you would envision yours, and that's fine. You shouldn't be competing with anyone as to what a calm life should be; to each his own. 

But how can one define what a quiet life is?

For some, a quiet life is based on simplicity

It is not about keeping yourself from growing and wanting more. Rather, it is about recognizing what you have and appreciating how much joy it brings in your life. 

Others would define it as a life where you have less, but you are happy

Living with less is about finding satisfaction in what you already have. The more important part of this kind of life is that you feel happy for others who have more than you do. There are no feelings of envy or avarice. 

Living a quiet life could also be about having fewer distractions

It usually entails cutting negative people out of your life. It means dealing with less clutter and less noise. All of these could mean giving up all the others that do not really matter in your life. 

Living a quiet life could mean not overthinking

A quiet mind is a calm one. It can be quite easy to get wrapped up in a lot of thoughts and worries. Try very hard not to be consumed by them. Whenever it feels as if your thoughts are overwhelming, stop, and take a deep breath

A quiet life means not getting in the way of other people's lives 

When you let others live their lives, you don't have to concern yourself about their worries. You don't need all that unnecessary drama in your life. Let others deal with their own problems, and you will do just fine. 

Tips To Live A Quiet Life

People want to learn how to live a peaceful life. While they may have an idea of why their life is so complicated, they are too afraid to let it go. But if you are serious about wanting to lead a quiet life, here are some tips to help you do it.

Step 1: Determine why you want to live a more quiet life

While the answer to this may be a bit obvious, it is pretty easy to get lost in the process. Sometimes, you might end up wanting to have a quiet life because everyone else you know wants it. 

So before you get lost in all the drama, make your own list of how a quiet life would help improve the quality of your life. Why do you want to live a simple life? 

It could be that city life is getting on your nerves. The hustle and bustle of the city could be bringing so much noise that you wish to live in the other part of town where everything is calmer. 

Perhaps it could be that you've been spending so much time online that other people's negativity has rubbed off on you. If you want to be more focused at present, then create that mindset in your head. 

Getting to the root cause of why you desire a quiet life should help you get started.

Step 2: Take out all distractions

No matter what form, distractions do practically the same thing. They keep you from getting things done. They put your focus on something else. Distractions can be so powerful that they could prevent you from focusing on what truly matters. 

When you become so consumed by demands, options, and technology, it does not take long before you lose your focus. So take a deep breath and ask yourself, "Where is the distraction coming from? How does it affect me?"

A quiet life does not mean that you lead a life without distractions. It is building your ability to limit the distractions that you allow in your life. This will result in a more quiet life with you having a strong ability to be in control. 

Step 3: Only be with what matters

Out of all the things that could cause distraction; being around people is the one that's most difficult to say no to. But if you have to let go of people in your lives, make sure to keep only those that truly matter. 

If you are dealing with a coworker who always complains, do not bother listening. Changing your mood because of their actions is not going to help you at all. Take a moment to reflect on what truly matters in your life. Does this person add value to your life? Are they there for you when you need help the most?

Living a quiet life is always about living with only the essentials. Valuable relationships should be kept, while those that do not fulfill the task should take the back seat. 

Living a quiet life takes more than just these three easy steps. You need to get yourself in the right direction and work your way until everything is all well again. 

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